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vmware fusion 8 release date

Updated August 25th, 2015: VMware Fusion 8 has just been officially released! You’ll be able to try it out for free so be sure to do so before upgrading.

Here’s a look at some of the new features:

new features in vmware fusion 8

Updated August 19th, 2015: Parallels just released Desktop 11 for Mac which means that Fusion 8 should be coming out any day now. For those that can’t wait, VMware is offering 10% off and a free upgrade to version 8 to all those that buy version 7 now. For those running Parallels, VMware has an offer just for you if you switch – 28% off and a free upgrade to version 8.

free upgrade to vmware fusion 8

Updated May 15th, 2015 – It’s that time again where we begin our lookout for the new releases coming from VMware, specifically Fusion 8 that’s set to be released this coming September (around the same time as Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac, their largest competitor in this space). If history repeats itself, then you will also have the chance to download the Fusion 8 beta under their technology preview program even as wary as this month, but we have not yet seen anything posted yet in the Team Fusion blog (here’s info from last year’s beta and Fusion 7 release). As soon as we have more info, we will post an update here on this page.

VMware Fusion 8 is expected to be released in the first week of September, 2015.- Expected VMware Fusion 8 Release Date

Just keep in mind that the releases have a lot to do with the new operating systems coming from Apple. Both VMware and Parallels have close relationships with Apple and the development teams on both sides are already working on the next update, so lookout for these release dates to be timed pretty close together.

Here’s a quick look at the past VMware Fusion release dates:

  • Fusion 7 – Released on September 3, 2014.
  • Fusion 7 Beta – First released in May 2014, then updated in July 2014.
  • Fusion 6 – Released on September 3, 2013.
  • Fusion 5 – Released on August 23, 2012.
  • Fusion 4 – Released on September 14, 2011.
  • Fusion 3 – Released on October 27, 2009.
  • Fusion 2 – Released on September 12, 2008.
  • Fusion 1 – Released on August 6, 2007.

Will there be a free upgrade to Fusion 8?

Unfortunately, Fusion 7 and older users users will have to pay to upgrade version 8. However, in most cases you will be able to qualify for an upgrade discount so at least you won’t have to pay the full price. The upgrade discount will apply as long as the current version you own is not older that two-version back. So for example, you will need to own Fusion 6 or 7 to save with the upgrade discount when buying Fusion 8.

The only exception to this rule is if you recently purchased a copy of Fusion right before a major version was released. Similar to Parallels, VMware has a Technology Guarantee where you will qualify for a free upgrade if you made your purchase within a specified time frame window before the new version was released. In the past, the past it was offered to customers up to two months prior to the release which is actually pretty generous given that Parallels offers a month or less in most cases. Just remember that your copy must have bought from an authorized VMware software reseller or store and you will need to provide copy of your order receipt in your request.

What we what to see changed in Fusion 8.

If you’ve been a user of Fusion for a while then you’ve seen the substantial improvements throughout the last few years. But as users ourselves, there are few things that still bother us. Here are some of the top changes that are on our wish list.

  • Improved Performance Speed – One spot where Parallels Desktop 10 shines over Fusion is speed. And that’s in terms of both raw processing power and graphics performance. If you’ve tried both before then, depending on your system setup, chances are that you noticed the snappier overall response in Parallels. We hope that Fusion 8 will address the speed and improve their overall processing performance so we “forget” that we are using a virtual machine. We just have to say that in VMware’s defense their battery life is a clear advantage and for many will trump speed.
  • Upgrade Policy – Just like Parallels, VMware Fusion software only supports Mac operating systems for up to two versions back. So for example, if you are using version 5, an upgrade to OS-X Yosemite would make your copy of Fusion incompatible, thus you would be completely unable to open Windows and any programs or files within. It would be nice if compatibility would last a bit longer so we wouldn’t have to upgrade so often.

What do you want to see changed in Fusion?

What would you like to see changed, improved or removed from Fusion 8? Leave your thoughts and suggestions below.

  1. August 26, 2015

    Fred Vicary

    your free upgrade policy is terrible. A lousy 2 months. Give me a break>>

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