VMware Fusion 7 vs. Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac

VMware Fusion 7 vs. Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac

September 3rd, 2014 – Well, it’s that time of the year again where VMware and Parallels are release their updates for Apple’s new OS X operating system. This year it’s for OS X Yosemite. VMware just released Fusion 7 earlier today while Parallels released Desktop 10 for Mac just over a week ago. Both companies claim that their software is far superior than their rivals but where’s the truth. Let’s take a look and see!

The Key Differences

We’ve scrubbed through the new features for both products and were able to put this comparison together. Here are the major differences between VMware Fusion 7 and Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac:

Key Differences Parallels Desktop 10 Vmware Fusion 7
Price (full) $79.99 $69.99
Price (Upgrade) $49.99 $49.99
Price (on 3 Mac’s) $239.97 $79.99
Double-click or drag & drop OS to create virtual machine Yes Yes
Optimize your virtual machine with 1 click 4 Options 2 Options
Mac time/language automatically set in Windows Yes No
Ranked highest by Macworld
No Yes
Ranked higher by MacFormat
Oct/Nov 2013
No Yes
Ranked higher by PCmag.com
No Yes
Windows applications automatically added to Launchpad Yes No
Support for up to 16 vCPUs, 8TB disks and 64GB of RAM No Yes
1-click download of Chrome, Ubuntu and Android appliances Yes No
Move a PC to a virtual machine on the Mac Yes No
Mac native “Share” and “Save to” in Windows Yes No
Support for 3+ button mouse Yes No
Support for up to 2GB of video memory per virtual machine No Yes
18-month email support No Yes
200+ guest OS support No Yes
Windows 8 Start screen functions like Launchpad Yes No
Outlook for Windows shows unread emails like Mail.app Yes No
Drag & drop a file to Outlook icon to attach it to email Yes No
Free Disk Space Wizard helps reclaim unused space Yes No
Real-time virtual disk optimization Yes No
DirectX 10 support Yes No
Maximum virtual machine vCPUs and RAM 16/64 16/64
Engineered in the USA No Yes


Both Parallels and VMware have something special to offer – And really, we think that it mostly comes down to personal preference and both programs will rock in OS X Yosemite. We recommend that you take the time to try both programs before you buy – Here’s the link to the Fusion 7 trial and Parallels Desktop 10 trial. Both companies have different promotions also available, including update and switch deals, so this may also be a deciding factor for you. Of course we’re tracking them all here on SoftwareVoucher.com and you can find them on our main Parallels and VMware coupon codes pages (we update these offers daily).

Your thoughts

Have you tries both Fusion 7 and Parallels 10? Then let us know which one you prefer and why in the comments section down below.

  1. September 12, 2014


    When buying Parallels Desktop, you get a free plugin to work with Vagrant

    Vagrant plugin for Vmware Fusion costs $79 for one license machin.e

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