TurboTax’s Super Bowl Commercial for 2016

turbotax super bowl 2016 commercial

February 10th, 2016: Again this year, Intuit, the makers of TurboTax, spend a whopping $8+ million on a 60-second commercial in Super Bowl XLIX (that’s over $133k per second – more than most of us make in a year). And that doesn’t include the filming costs and agency fees (the ad was created by Wieden & Kennedy again this year, who also have big clients like Coca-Cola, Chrysler, Facebook and Procter & Gamble).  This year’s theme is “Our commercial from the big game sold absolutely nothing”.  Last year we had “Now you can file for absolutely nothing.  The most exciting thing to happen to taxes since the Boston Tea Party”.

TurboTax has already started ramping up their advertising as we approach the second peak in personal tax filing – This weekend is, besides the big game, “one of the biggest weekends of the whole tax season,” as quoted Greg Johnson, VP of marketing at TurboTax.

If you’re planning on getting a head start on your taxes this weekend, be sure to see all of the current TurboTax deals that are now available.

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Historically, TurboTax is known for teaming up with some of the top banks across the country to provide extra savings and perks for their customers. Be sure to check out your Bank of America, Chase, Citi, Capital One, or your other favorite financial institution to see if they are offering anything special this year. You may be able to save even more either by using your partner credit card at purchase or by picking up a copy of TurboTax for 2017 directly through them.