Turbotax 2021 Military Free Offer (Freedom Edition)

turbotax military discount 2021

Updated on Monday January 25th, 2021: As a “thank you” to all the brave troops protecting our country, including the army, navy, coast guard, reserves and marines, the folks at Intuit have made a special military offer available once again this year for those using TurboTax to complete their tax returns… it’s either free or discounted depending on your rank!

That’s right, as long as your were in active duty or a reservist during part of all of 2020 and you rank between E-1 and E-5, then you and your family are eligible to file both your federal and state taxes for free using TurboTax Deluxe (based on your military issued W2 tax form). TurboTax applies the offer when it sees that you are filing with a military issues W2 tax form. Just keep in mind that if you rank E6 or higher (i.e. an Officer) then you will not qualify for this free offer from TurboTax.

How does it work?

To sign up, visit the special military page on the TurboTax site. Once there, you will be able to setup your free account (or login if you have an existing TurboTax account) and begin your tax return using the online versions of either Turbotax Deluxe or the Free Edition. Because it’s exclusively available online, there is no software to download or install and you are able to start, save, and finish your return from any computer with an internet connection. That’s especially helpful if you’re currently stationed overseas and working on your return together (wither with your spouse or accountant).

Who qualifies for the Military offer?

As long as you were in active military service or a reservist and rank between an E-1 through E-5, then you will qualify to get both your federal and state return filing for free through using TurboTax Deluxe or the “Free” edition. Best of all, if you’re filing jointly with your spouse, you can also use this edition to report all of their civilian income (plus any of your civilian income if you had any). Just note that if you rank as an officer or E-6 and higher, then you there is a discount available but it’s no longer free. Also, if you need to use Premier, Self-Employed, or Home & Business because of your current investments, real estate income or small business income, it’s also no longer free but still discounted.

What support do you get with the military edition?

You get all of the same features with the military discount as you do without the discount. You’ll get step-by-step instructions to report any of your income, help with determining your state of residence for taxes if you deployed in multiple states or overseas in 2020, deduction calculators of military-related expenses, help if you’ve completed a PCS, and customized entries like combat pay reporting, BAS, BAH and more. You will also be able to file your taxes along with your wife or husband who have civilian income, have combat pay, or if you happen to have some of your own civilian income to report.  Email, chat and phone support are included as well and you are coved by TurboTax’s accuracy guarantee.


If you have questions or can’t seem to get the discount, then we want to know. Ask them in the comments section below.

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