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  • We just got this coupon from TurboTax to help you save $5 to $15 on TurboTax. Select from any of their online versions – Deluxe ($5 off), Premier ($10 off), or Self-Employed ($15 off). What’s great is that you start and work on your taxes from any mobile device like your tablet, iPhone, computer, etc., save as you go, and then pick up where you left off from any other device. TurboTax also syncs with all of the popular bank accounts like Citibank and Bank of America, as well as the top financial institutions like eTrade and Vanguard. Just remember, to get the discount you’ll need to follow the above link (no other coupons/service codes are required). You’ll also have to pay for the version you choose by April 30, 2021 in order to get the savings.
  • Offer ends at 11:59PM PST on May 17, 2021.

Other Offers & Promotions on TurboTax 2021:

Self Employed Tax Bundle for 2021 — If you’re a small business owner then you probably already have too much on your plate. But TurboTax has made it early with the QuickBooks-TurboTax bundle that’s specifically tailored for self-employed individuals that both use QuickBooks for finances and file their own tax returns. Starting at $12/month for the first 3 months you’ll get QuickBooks Online and full access to TurboTax Self-Employed to file your State and Federal tax return (no need to pay extra once it’s time to file). The program calculates your quarterly estimated taxes automatically and maximizes your deductions with Schedule C categorization, then syncs all the necessary info to your TurboTax program automatically. It also works with your Citbank, Bank of America, and most of the other top banks and financial institutions so no need to input your tax W2’s manually. And with this bundle deal there are no long-term contracts/commitments so you can cancel your subscription at an time you need to.

Take advantage of the free military deal — Are you serving our great country? If so, that you for keeping us safe and putting your life on the line for all of us. And as “thank you” from TurboTax, they are offing all E1-E5 ranking military personnel the opportunity to file with the online version of Deluxe completely for free. Unfortunately, only that one version qualifies so if you have any investment income, small business income, or rental properties to report, then you’ll need Premier, Home & Business, or Self-Employed, all of which are no longer free.

Start now, pay only when you file — Are you new to TurboTax? Are you looking to switch from H&R Block’s tax software? Or maybe you’re finally ready to dump your overpriced tax agent? Whatever the reason is you can try any of the 2021 online versions of TurboTax before paying for it. Just select the version that best fits your tax situation and work follow the steps as you normally would. Because you pay at the end once your finish your return, you’re able to fully test out the program without having to pay a dime. Only if and when you decide to file with TurboTax, you’ll have to pay for the program and the applicable Federal/State filing fees.

Students get a break on their taxes — If you’re an average student with little to no income and living off of your student loan and/or your parents retirement fund, then it’s likely you’ll be able to file your tax return for free with TurboTax. They offer simple 1040EZ/1040A filing for free for everyone but for students, they also offer free tailored in-product support to help you find all of those college related expenses to deduct (textbooks, tuition fees, rent, etc.). Of course if you’re a savvy student and already running a business or two on the side then you’ll have to upgrade to one of the paid versions of TurboTax.

turbotax citibank discount

The team here at Software Voucher get a lot of questions regarding some of the other so called “deals” out there, and the one that keeps coming up is about the partnership deals that TurboTax had some years ago. Specifically some of the discounts you could pick up through Citibank, Vanguard, or countless other banks and financial institutions.

Well, unfortunately, most of these banking offers have gone away. But that’s not a bad thing as TurboTax has focused on giving everyone a good deal, regardless who you bank with. That’s what you’ll see their sale prices often beat those partner offers from a few years ago.

Of course with that being said, it’s always a good idea to keep your eyes open for other opportunities. If banking online (I mostly use Citibank and eTrade), then most accounts will have a “special offers” tab (in most cases you’ll have to login to see them). If any special tax software deals are offered this tax season, including on TurboTax, they will be listed there. We haven’t seen anything here yet for 2021 but if you happen to find one then we encourage you to please let us know how much you saved. Just shoot us a comment at the bottom of the page with the specifics.


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