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  • To help you get your taxes done in time, the folks at Turbotax are offering up to an EXTRA $5 to $15 OFF off on the online versions of their program when picked up directly from them with this instant coupon. With the discount applied, that now means the Deluxe version is on sale right now for just $55 ($5 off), the Premier version for $80 ($10 off), and the Self-Employed version for $105 ($15 off). Just follow the above link to activate this discount (you’ll have it applied to your order once you choose the version you wish to get at the TurboTax website). This offer is available exclusively for those completing their taxes at Intuit.com.
  • Offer ends on May 17, 2021.

All of TurboTax’s Current Offers & Deals for 2021:

TurboTax is free for qualified military families – Did you know that if you were in active military duty in all or part of 2020 that you may qualify to file your tax return for free using TurboTax Deluxe? You may even be able to receive waived state and federal filing fees. Special offers are available to qualifying active military duty as long as you ranked no higher than E5. Follow the above link to learn more about the eligibility requirements and how to take advantage of the offer.

2021 QuickBooks-TurboTax Bundle Offer – One of the most popular bundle deals available this tax season is the QuickBooks/TurboTax bundle that’s specifically tailored for self-employed individuals who both file their own tax returns and use QuickBooks to manage their finances/customers. For $12/month for your first 3 months of membership you’ll get QuickBooks Online and full access to TurboTax Self Employed to file your State and Federal tax return. What’s nice about it is that QuickBooks calculates your quarterly estimated taxes automatically and maximizes your deductions with Schedule C categorization, and then with just a few clicks you can import your data into TurboTax. That’s helpful to cut down the time it takes you to complete your taxes and helps you be more accurate when you send in your quarterly estimated taxes. This is an ongoing offer from Intuit.

Start now, pay only when you file – If you’ve never used TurboTax, you’re switching from another tax program or are doing your own taxes this year for the first time, then TurboTax will let you try out their software before you pay for it. Just follow the above link and then select the version that you would like to try. You’ll be able to complete most of your tax return and see how the program works before paying for it (and see an estimate of the tax refund you may qualify for). If you decide to complete and file, just continue and purchase the program. If not, just stop once it asks you to provide your payment information. At this step you’ll be able to either save your work to come back at a later date or delete the free account that you created.

Students get a break on their taxes – Ah, those were good times as a student… not a care in the world (for the lucky folks that had their parents fund their education). Oh, and of course the discounts. Turbotax offers students to ability to file their tax return for free using their software. Their free version includes tax forms 1040EZ/1040A for simple tax returns, with all the support you need to process your college related expenses (textbooks, tuition, rent, etc.). Just keep in mind that if you’re working or running a side business and have investment or business related deductions, then you’ll have to upgrade to one of the paid versions of TurboTax software.

Deduct TurboTax fees from your refund – If you don’t have a debit or credit card to pay for your TurboTax fees, or just simply don’t want to use it, then there’s a payment alternative available to you. It’s the Refund Processing Service option from TurboTax. It works like this: If you have a federal tax refund coming your way and your e-filing this year, then you can just have TurboTax conveniently deduct the fees from it rather than paying with your debit or credit card. Obvious this option isn’t available if you are not expecting a federal refund or you are only going to receive a state refund. Those wanting to pay for their TurboTax software by personal check, Paypal, Bitcoin, cash or another payment method will still have to wait until these become available one day. Extra fees with this payment option may apply.

File an Extension – If you’re asking yourself “where did the time go?” then you’re not alone. The April 15th May 17th tax deadline comes around faster than most of us expect. If you’re not ready to file then you can use TurboTax to file an IRS tax extension for both your Federal and State tax returns. Once approved (usually within 48 hours), you’ll have an extra 6 months, all the way up to October 15th, to finish your tax return and avoid penalties by being late. Just remember, if you are estimated to send a payment to the IRS for 2020 taxes owed, then be sure to do it as soon as possible (best before April 15th) to minimize paying any penalties and interest charges.

Use TurboTax on your iPhone/iPad – If you’re dreading the thought of booting up your old PC that’s collecting dust in your closet just to file your tax return, then don’t worry. That’s because you don’t have to use it or install any software on your computer if you don’t want to. With the online versions for TurboTax (which happen to be on sale right now) you can complete your entire tax return in your online account using their free app. That means you can start working on your 2021 tax return from your iPad or other tablet, then save it and continue working on it from your iPhone, and then finish it off from your work computer (or any other order). This is helpful if you and your spouse are jointly working on your taxes so both of you can use your own devices when working on it. Plus you don’t have to worry about loosing any of your data is a computer crash as everything is securely stored in the cloud.

Security – With all the news lately regarding hacking scandals, including the hospital in California that was cyberattacked and their data held ransom, you may be worried about trusting a third-party company with your tax info. TurboTax is one step ahead as they’ve implemented multiple security safeguards to ensure that no one ever accesses your personal data without your authorization. That includes the use of fingerprint passwords in their iPhone app, multi-factor and single-use password authentications, SSL data encryption that surpasses IRS standard, and auto email notifications whenever any new user logs-in to your account. Be sure to read the full details on the protections in place at intuit.com.

Affordable Care Act – With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), every year you’ll now have to provide insurance information or request to have it exempt/waived when competing your tax return. Remember that if you didn’t have health insurance in 2020 then you might owe a penalty on your taxes (and at times it can be a significant hit to your income). TurboTax makes it easy for you to determine if any penalties will be owed, even with complex situations like having multiple healthcare providers, partial year coverage, or if you spent the year abroad.

How do I apply a TurboTax 2021 Discount or Service Code?

Unlike other companies that use the traditional “promo code” boxes at checkout, TurboTax uses click-through coupons. That means, any discounts currently available at intuit.com are applied to your order when you physically follow the posted offer link. Then once on their site, you’ll see the sale price clearly marked. Then just make your selection and continue your purchase.

Don’t get this confused with a “service code” which you’ll see at checkout. TurboTax doesn’t apply general discounts through the service code section, rather, uses it for special case-by-case circumstances (like to record an order to a customer representative that helped with the purchase).

If you’re not planning on filing (i.e. paying) for your tax return today using TurboTax, and instead are just beginning to work on your return using one of the online editions, then it’s just important to pay attention at checkout that the offer you selected today is still reflected in your account once it’s time to pay for the software (that when it’s redeemed, not at the click date). Sometimes if you wait too long, the deal can expire before you have a chance to pay (there’s usually a price increase from Intuit in mid-February). If that happens, just save your return and come back here to find another coupon to use.

Below is an example of what you should see after you follow one of the available offers – Just remember that this is only an example and the exact pricing/savings will depend on the ultimate one one that you choose from those available at the time of purchase.

If you’re new to TurboTax or your 2021 tax situation has changed and you don’t know which version to choose, then it’s not a big deal. That’s because TurboTax automatically guides you though any upgrades you’ll need. So you can you just start with the “free” option and as you go through your tax forms and upload your W2 and/or 1099 forms, complete the investments sections, etc., you’ll be given the option to upgrade if needed.

What about some of the other TurboTax offers out there?

So there are a number of other partner offers from TurboTax out there, like from banking institutions, including Bank of America, Chase, AAA, Capital One, and Vanguard, as well as a number of credit unions (Navy Federal Credit Union and Pentagon Federal Credit Union are the two most popular ones). However, we no longer track any of these partner/client promotions so you’ll have to check with your bank directly to see if they are offering anything for 2021. However, at the end of the day, you’ll find anyway that the discounts listed here are often the same or better than any of those partner offers anyway. If you’re still interested in learning more about the ones available, then contact your favorite bank, credit card company, or credit union to see if they are partners with TurboTax this year, and if so, how much you can save if purchased through them.

Is my State return included in TurboTax?

For most tax filers, like us here in California, you’ll also need to file a State tax return. Others, like in Nevada, don’t need to because those residents don’t pay State income tax. That’s why you’ll notice that you can purchase TurboTax, specifically the desktop versions, with or without your State return. Of course it’s cheaper without it and you’ll find that in most, if not all, cases it’s cheaper to buy it upfront in the desktop version that getting it later on as an add-on.

As far as the online versions go, it doesn’t matter as it’ll get added to your account when needed as you go. But just remember that the prices posted on TurboTax’s website for all the Online versions exclude the State return. The cost will vary depending on when you end up filing and if you have an active coupon applied to your account, but often it’s around $36.99 per each State return that you e-file. So be sure to take that into consideration when estimating your final cost of the software.

turbotax state return discount offer

It’s also worth mentioning that TurboTax’s pricing tends to change throughout the tax season. Usually, the closer that we get to the tax deadline, the less offers we see and ultimately the more we end up paying. As always you can count on us here at Software Voucher to continue monitoring the best promotions all the way up through April 15th to help you save the most possible on your purchase.

Picked the Wrong TurboTax Version? Then you can Upgrade, Downgrade or Get a Refund.

If you picked the wrong version of TurboTax, then in most cases it’s not a big deal because you’ll be able upgrade to a more powerful version of the software (of course at an additional upgrade fee) or downgrade to a lower version. Downgrading is a bit more difficult but possible if you haven’t yet paid for the software (for the Online versions). If you bought a Desktop copy of the software no later than in the last 60 days, then you’ll be able to apply for a refund.  Then you can re-purchase the correct version of the program.

What happened to the Amazon refund bonus offer from TurboTax?

One of our favorite perks when using TurboTax during the last few years the bonus refund offer… That was when you could get 10% extra tacked on top of your federal tax refund if you choose to put it on an Amazon gift card (as opposed to getting a check for the amount). While it limited you to spend your gift card on Amazon, regular shoppers got a sweet deal because an extra 10% really added up quickly. For example, if you decided to put $2000 of your tax refund on the card, you would get $200 just for doing so (in total, you would receive a $2200 gift card to use on anything sold at Amazon).

But everything changed a few years ago because TurboTax no longer offers this deal. That’s right, no bonus refund offer at all. Ah, but it doesn’t mean it’s completely disappeared. H&R Block now offers nearly the identical deal when you file with their tax software (they too have software that’s comparable to TurboTax for all of you do-it-yourself filers). However we’ve only seen it available for Amazon and when purchased from Amazon this year (not from HRBlock.com directly).

In all honestly, a lot of these tax software programs are awfully similar and they should all give you the same end-results. After all, they are must follow the same tax code. Both TurboTax and H&R Block let you begin working on your tax return online through any of their versions before paying for it so it’s worth trying it out. At the end of the day, you have to see which one is either cheaper for you and/or how much you can earn if you want to refund bonus deal.

Here’s some more details about H&R Block’s bonus refund offer for 2021.

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When will TurboTax for 2022 become available?

If you're wanting to get a head start in your tax planning, you'll be able to purchase TurboTax 2022 for the 2021 tax year around mid-to-late November 2021. We're tracking the latest release date news and invite you to share your wish list and future enhancement recommendations.

What are your other filing options this tax season?

If your heart is not yet set on TurboTax (which, just so you know, is the #1 best selling tax software brand), then we encourage you to also see the promotions offered on H&R Block’s tax preparation software. They offer a very similar set of programs that are priced significantly less than equivalent TurboTax versions. Similar to TurboTax, there are four versions to choose from depending on the complexity of your return. All orders include offer free advice from a tax expert as many times as you need it and in-person audit support at one of your local H&R Block offices. You are also covered by their 100% accuracy and maximum refund guarantee.

Another option is to see if any TurboTax discount is available at your bank of credit union - Like at Bank of America, Citi, Chase, Capital One, or Vanguard. You can usually find more details through your online account or by visiting your favorite and nearest financial institution.

Has a deal or promotion expired?

Unlike other so called "coupon" websites, we go to great lengths to ensure that the offers posted here are accurate and the absolute best available for today. But sometimes a deal can change unexpectedly or expire without notice to us. If you see any errors on this page then please share them with us. We're constantly on email and will quickly look into issues that you are seeing.