TurboTax 2016 Release Date (For Tax Year 2015)

turbotax 2016 release date

Updated January 19th, 2016: Happy new year everyone!  Although we’re still a few months away to to this year’s tax deadline, which happens to fall on April 18th and not the 15th this year (due to a holiday on April 15th and a weekend falling after that), TurboTax has just released both their online and boxed desktop versions of the program for the 2015 tax year here in the US (if you’re in Canada, you’ll find more info here). And also a early-bird special, you’ll now be able to get $20.00 to $25.00 off if you complete and file your return early (the offer is expected to expire sometime in mid-Feburary). Even if you’re not planning on sending in your tax return early this year, you can login to any of the online versions for free and fill in your tax info to get an idea what refund may be coming your way (you don’t pay until you complete your tax return).

For those looking to pick up a boxed desktop version, Amazon has some pretty good deals right now with most versions on sale for 30% to 40% off the list price. You’ll also get free shipping. And as an authorized TurboTax reseller, you’re covered by all of the same product guarantees and return policy as when you buy your tax software from Intuit directly.

Updated October 20th, 2015: Doesn’t it just seem like we just did our taxes? Now the time is coming again for us to start thinking about our 2015 tax year returns. If you’re a user of TurboTax, then we expect to see the 2016 editions released a little earlier this year. Normally we would see the new versions released in mid-December in the United States and in early-January in Canada. But in 2015 TurboTax was already made available in the third week of November here stateside (the Canadian version release will likely stay unchanged). Expect to see the same here for this upcoming release.

TurboTax is expected to be released in late November 2015 in the U.S. and in early-January 2016 in Canada.- Rumored TurboTax 2016 Release Date

What’s changed in TurboTax for 2016?

It’s still too early to know what’s going to be changed in TurboTax for 2016 but we can say with almost certainty that no major functionality changes will occur across the major versions (Deluxe, Premier, and Home & Business). Last year we witnessed a PR and credibility nightmare where Intuit secretly removed several popular forms from the Deluxe version. Specifically, support for Schedules C (for self-employment and small business income), D (investment reporting) and E (rental or partnership income) ended in the Deluxe version. That meant that if you owned any stocks, bonds, mutual funds or ETFS you would not be able to use the Deluxe version and would be forced to upgrade to Premier or Home & Business for up to $40.00 more. As you can imagine, there was quite an uproar from some of Intuit’s most loyal clients (you can see the thousands of negative reviews on Amazon). Fortunately Intuit back-pedaled on the change, apologized, and issued free upgrades.

For 2016 you can also expect to see the TurboTax-Amazon gift card offer to return. This has been one of TurboTax’s most popular promotions in recent years, even being replicated by H&R Block’s Tax Software. The offer lets you get up to 10% bonus on your federal tax refund if you choose to put part or al of it on an Amazon gift card. So let’s say you have a $3000 federal tax refund coming your way, if you put the entire amont on an Amazon gift card, then you’ll get a gift card that’s worth $3300 (the $300 is put up by TurboTax). So if you’re a regular Amazon shopper then this deal is a no-brainer.

What do you want to see changed in TurboTax?

Looking for some certian improvements or changes in TurboTax for 2016? Then leave your wish list and suggestions in the comments section below.

  1. March 28, 2016


    Really sad to see no Amazon 10% offer for 2015. I really hope it returns for 2016. Bummed out.

  2. March 15, 2016


    I’m a long time user of TurboTax and just finished 2015 taxes. TT noted in bold print that it will require a Mac OS for 2016 that will require me to upgrade my current OS 10.8.5 Mountain Lion. 1) Is this requirement from TurboTax or is it Apple that will require this?
    2) I don’t want to upgrade my OS; every time I do it causes problems with various software. 3) If this decision is from TurboTax, is there any way around this? I may have to switch to a different tax software for my 2016 taxes.

  3. November 25, 2015


    I had to buy the premier for $80. instead of the delux.When i found out that you were sending a partial rebate i submitted the claim,but was told it was too late. I defintely do not trust you anymore. You ripped me off

  4. November 3, 2015


    I was trapped in the 2014 tax year fiasco with Deluxe no longer handling investment transactions.Intuit finally gave in and provided a refund for the greatly increased price for Deluxe. If they pull that deceit again for tax year 2015 I will never use Turbotax again. They sneakily tricked us long-time Turbotax Deluxe users last season. Very shabby way to treat loyal users.

  5. October 29, 2015


    I agree with the two Johns that just posted. I used Turbo Tax for a few years. Then I suddenly started getting notices of discounts if I purchase on my Discover card. However, that offer didn’t come until February before the April I was to file. I like to buy my tax program in November. Since they won’t offer that discount that early, I am forced to go with another, less expensive but equally good provider. I am only here to see if they are cheaper than the other provider this year. If they are, I might go back, but I don’t hold out much hope for that.

  6. October 16, 2015


    I saw one email from Intuit that said that Windows XP will no longer be supported. So what do I do now? If I upgrade, how do I get my 2014 history into the new version? What if I have to file an amended 2014 or 2013 return, how would I do that? I am very unhappy. I have a farm, if this is really true, why didn’t you tell me last April so I had a long time to upgrade? I have been a loyal customer for almost as long as there has been a Turbotax. I do mot have a simple tax, I use Premier. Even Microsoft is still sending monthly updates to their Malicious Software Removal tool, so there must be lots of Windows XP platforms still around. I am really bumbed.

    • October 20, 2015


      The operating system has nothing to do with the tax data. Turbotax will continue to read old files.

      Nobody supports XP any more, including Microsoft, so upgrading to Windows 7 or 10 (don’t use Windows 8) is really necessary for your own safety. It won’t change how Turbotax works.

    • October 26, 2015


      As Jon said, Turbo Tax should still run on XP, but you may not get any tech support.
      If you get a new computer (which is recommended), then you can simply copy your old Turbo Tax data file from your XP computer to the new one. Then when Turbo Tax asks if you want to import last years return you simply point TT to the last years file. The file to move will have the extension of .tax2014.

    • November 17, 2015

      Jerry Johnson

      it depends. do you have a copy of the 2014 data file? It will have an extension of “tax2014”. I assuming you have upgraded to a new windows operating system – either upgrade on xp computer or new computer with win7, 8 or 10. if the data file is on the same computer that your installing 2015 on, it will search for the prior year’s data file. the data file will need to be on the same computer on which your installing 2015. If not found, you can browse to its location so you can import 2014 info. As to amending 2013/14, 1) do will need those years data files 2) did you buy the disc version or the download version. if the disc version, you will be able to reinstall it. if the downioad version, I believe intuit allows you to redownload the software. the key to your issues if 10 having the data files and 2) if cd version – still having the cd’s.

  7. October 16, 2015

    Chieh-Chien Lin

    Is the coming Turbotax Deluxe for ta year 2015 going to include Schedule D and E?

  8. October 16, 2015

    Douglas Cortez

    I wish TurboTax would bring back the “Tax Planner” that is now in ProSeries. A few yrs back it was in TurboTax. It is much better than “What if”. We know it is there in ProSeries but why not include this very useful planner in TT … even if it sells for a premium??

    • November 17, 2015

      Jerry Johnson

      as to tax planning, since noone knows what changes are going to made to the tax laws for the following year, tax planning software (even professional grade) basically uses the prior year data, allows changes for for the various items and uses the announced changes in exemptions, standard deduction,tax rates. what you can do, is copy the 2015 data file to a new file and make changes you expect for 2016 to get a very good approximation of what you situation will look like

  9. October 7, 2015


    I want TurboTax Business (Corporations, S-Corps, etc.) for Mac computers for tax year 2015 and I want it to be able to transfer data from a pc created tax file.

  10. October 4, 2015


    So is the 2016 Turbotax Deluxe (for 2015 taxes) going to include Schedule D or not?

    • November 19, 2015

      It's me

      Maybe or Maybe Not

  11. August 21, 2015

    John Marsh

    I want to see a little honesty on the part of INTUIT. When you offer an opportunity to receive an availability date for TURBOTAX, quit screening the public out of an answer with that impossible security screen. Be honest with your loyal public, you God damned sons-of-bitches.

    • August 25, 2015


      Thanks John. I agree with you 100%. We used another tax program 2015 and hesitate to go back to Turbo Tax.

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