Quicken 2015 Upgrade Discount – Where is it?

Quicken 2015 Upgrade Discount

If you’re looking to upgrade to Quicken 2015 from last years version or prior, we unfortunately do not have good news. Quicken is one of the few software companies that does not offer an upgrade or loyalty discount to existing customers. Furthermore, they cut off all online support after two years (read more about their discontinuation policy to see when your version expires). So if you own Quicken 2012 for example, on April 30th, 2015 you will be loosing important features such as bill pay, ability to download financial data from your bank or 401k fund, uploading your info to quicken.com, all technical support, and any future software updates.

So how can I save on Quicken 2015?

Even though there is no upgrade discount on Quicken software, we’ve put together several ways that you can still save a lot on your purchase. Here are the three most popular options:

  • Buy the TurboTax-Quicken bundle: This is a very popular option during tax season. If you buy TurboTax directly from Intuit or one of their major resellers, like Staples or Amazon, along with Quicken (in the same order) the bundle will help you save up to $40.00 on your entire purchase. In light of some of the sale prices, that’s a pretty good deal. We’re written more about the Quicken-TurboTax bundle discount so be sure to see all of the latest details.
  • Make use of Quicken’s 60-day return policy: If you don’t find the deal that you’re looking for or just want to try out the 2015 version to see the difference between the one that you’re now running, then you should take full advantage of Quicken’s return policy. Because they don’t offer free trials versions of their software (again, this really sucks as impossible to try out the new features and see how it runs on our PC without buying it first), just buy a copy and be sure to request for a full refund within 60 days of the purchase date. Not only will you be able to play with the new features but you will have all of your online features back for two months. If you decide not to keep it, just follow these steps to request for a refund. Best of all, not only orders from Intuit will qualify but most orders made from their authorized resellers can also be returned to Intuit within the 60-day window.

Have you seen any other deals? How questions on how to upgrade without loosing your data? Then leave your comments in the section below.

  1. November 15, 2014


    Got it for much less on Amazon

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