Quickbooks Mac vs Windows PC 2016

If you’re looking to switch from QuickBooks Pro or Premier, which is Windows-based, to QuickBooks Mac (or vice versa), then there are more differences than just a few shortcut keys. The Mac version was specifically made for the Mac and is different from its PC counterpart, and you’d be surprised to learn that the app’s data files aren’t cross-platform compatible (yikes!). So here’s a look at the full list of features that are and are not included in QuickBooks Mac 2016:

quickbooks mac vs pc 2016

But before you make your decision, there’s one more thing to consider: QuickBooks Online. It’s essentially web-based QuickBooks that you can access from any computer (Mac and PC) and from your iPhone/iPad. If comes in a few different flavors so be sure to check out the options available. We’ve posted a full comparison chart outlining the differences between the online and desktop versions of the software.

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When will the 2020 version be released?

Every year we wait in anticipation for the new versions of QuickBooks to be released. Expect to see the new 2020 versions announced and shipping at the end of September, 2019. See all the latest QuickBooks 2020 news as we track the latest developments coming from Intuit.

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