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Updated September 16th, 2015: QuickBooks 2016 has just been announced and, starting on September 21st 2015, is available for purchase and download at Here we’ve put together a complete set of QuickBooks 2016 direct download links for all the new desktop products (Windows and Mac OS) for your easy access. The downloads are hosted at and are free to install for all – It’s especially handy if you’ve lost your installation disc and need to re-install your QuickBooks software on a new computer.

To begin the download, select the version that you would like to install and follow the instructions provided. You will need to have your license and product number handy to complete the installation.

After you select the version and download QuickBooks, open the file and the installation wizard will appear. If you already have an older version of QuickBooks on your computer, the software may ask you to overwrite the existing files (choose “Yes to All” when asked, just make sure to back up any important QuickBooks files that you may have). You’ll have to accept the Software License Agreement and you’ll have the following installation options to choose from:

  • Express Installation – The program will install everything automatically. We recommend skipping the Express option and choosing one of the custom options below just so you have full control over exactly what’s being installed on your computer.
  • Custom Installation & Network Options – If you choose the Custom installation, you’ll be able to go through the installation options manually. That includes choosing the network options if you plan on using and storing QuickBooks files over a shared company network.

At the very last step, you’ll need to enter you license and product numbers in order to complete the installation. You’ll be able to find these in the scratch-off label found inside the physical product packaging (next to the UPC code) or an email if you purchased the download version from Intuit or one of their authorized resellers (like Amazon for example). If you are a ProAdvisor, then your installation codes are located within your online QuickBooks account.

This is also the step where some of you folks may be looking for a QuickBooks serial number crack, keygen, or validation code generator. Ethics aside, downloading cracks or any files from sites other than from the official manufacturer that advertising free copies of software is extremely risky. Often these files are virus and spyware infected, created to steal you personal information. Specifically when it comes to QuickBooks that, among other things, track your bank information, business expenses, cash flows, etc., can cause irreparable damage to your business. It’s much better to use one of our coupon codes to save a few bucks rather than risking it all with a “free” download.

How many computers can I install QuickBooks on?

Even though the download links are readily available, it doesn’t mean that you can install your version of QuickBooks 2016 Desktop on an unlimited amount of computers. Per the license agreement, you will be able to install each copy (or as Intuit calls it, each seat) on up to to computers. But that doesn’t mean that you can two people can use it at the same time; only one use is allowed per seat and you will not be able to open the programs simultaneously. The second installation is more served as a back-up copy than anything else. Here’s the full list of details that we’ve put together with more information.


If you have any questions or run across problems installing any of the above QuickBooks 2016 files then just let us know below and we will do our best to help you troubleshot the issues.

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    Can not download QuickBooks Pro 2016. Error message: The signature of setup.quickbookspro2016 (5). exe is corrupt or invalid.

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