Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac has Just Been Announced

Parallels desktop for mac 10 released

August 20th, 2014 – Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac has just been announced with full OS X Yosemite and iDrive support, among other new features, and boasts a whopping 50% overall performance increase in running your Windows application (including a welcomed 48% increase in opening Word documents) and 30% increase in battery life when Parallels is used on the go. If you’re a current Parallels customer, then you can pick up the upgrade immediately at All new customers will have to wait until August 26th to pick up a copy. Retail outlets, including Best Buy and Amazon, will also start selling Parallels 10 on August 26th. Prices have not changed – It still retails for $79.99 for the full version, $49.99 for the upgrade, and $39.9 for the student version.

Whats new in Parallels Desktop for Mac 10?

Parallels 10th major release is set to not disappoint even the harshest critics and is very much a worthy upgrade especially to those that are running version 8 or older. Here is the list of the key new features in this release:

  • Performance Improvements: An overall 50% performance improvement from version 9 and nearly double the sped from version 8. You’ll see most Microsoft apps, like Word, now open up to 48% faster than before and a much welcomed 30% battery life improvement. Virtual machines now use up-to 10% less Mac memory with those running Office 2013 also now seeing their applications launch twice as fast.
  • Disk Space Wizard: The new Disk Space Wizard allows you to review and reclaim disk space in Parallels Desktop and Virtual Machines in a few clicks. And if you’re on a virtual machine, Parallels 10 now only uses as much disk space as it needs on your Mac and will compact your virtual disk in real time so that you never need to run periodic manual ones again.
  • New Parallels Control Center: You can now manage all of your virtual machines and configuration settings from a single place in the new Parallels Control Center. From there you can optimize your Mac based on how you primarily use it (i.e. gaming, work, graphic design, etc.) and set your regional settings.
  • Social Sharing: Mac native “Share” lets you share your files, photos, or urls to your contacts on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Vimeo etc. in Windows applications. You can also email them to your friends or use AirDrop or Messages to send files.
  • Other important updates: All new Windows programs installed in Parallels now automatically include an icon in your OS X Launchpad; new unread email indicator on Outlook lets you see the number of new and unread emails (just like in Apple Mail); drag and drop capabilities in Mac OS X virtual machines; and the ability to restore all default setting with one-click.

If you’re currently running version 9 you will have full OS X Yosemite support so you may want to consider testing out the new features in the free trial version before upgrading to see if it makes sense for you.

Here’s a short video released from Parallels that highlights the new features and changes in parallels 10.

Do you like Parallels 10?

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