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September 2nd, 2014 – OnOne Software has just announced Perfect Photo Suite 9.0 Premium and Basic editions: A bundle of all 8 of their selling software apps and plug-ins for editing photos, adding effects, creating custom enhancements, changing photography backgrounds, and enlarging prints for Mac OS X and PC. Similar to version 8, you can use the Premium edition of Perfect Photo Suite 9 as a standalone application or as a plug-in in Adobe Photoshop Photoshop (CC, CC 2014, or CS6), Adobe Lightroom (versions 5 or 4), Photoshop Elements (versions 12, 11 or 10) and Apple Aperture (version 3 only). Perfect Photo Suite 9 Basic does not have plug-in support. The full and upgrade versions are available immediately for pre-ordering (with special pre-order pricing) and will be released in late-October, 2014.

What’s new in Perfect Photo Suite 9?

The new Perfect Photo Suite 9 adds some exciting and long awaited features to the mix. This includes incredible fast RAW file previews, the ability to re-edit edited photos by remembering all your previous edits, new and improved selection tools, and an overall performance boost to help streamline your photography editing tasks. Here’s a list of all of the major changes coming in this release:

  • New “Smart Photo” feature – If you’re like me, someone who often goes back to re-edit photos to make them just right, then you’ll love Smart Photo. Smart Photo saves and remembers all of your previous photo edits after you’ve closed the PNG file. So lets say you made a few edits background changes but want to make some subtle changes. All you need to do is open up the file and, because it remembers what you did, just toggle the adjustments in the settings and click save. It’s that easy and your file will preserved in Photoshop format for compatibility.
  • Improved Browse module – There’s nothing worse than waiting for your program to process a command. If you were a user of one of the older versions of Perfect Photo Suite then, depending on your computer, you were probably waiting around for your RAW file previews to load. Well wait no more now! OnOne has overhauled the entire Browse module which not cuts the processing time down and gives you incredible fast previews. There’s also new rating, ranking, and keyword tools that help you quickly filter your images and send to the Suite for editing or out to Lightroom or Aperture while keeping all of your keywords and metadata complete.
  • New Quick Mask brush – Similar to the content aware select tool in Photoshop, the Quick Mask brush lets you highlight an area that you want to select or remove and will automatically create a detailed mask in its place. This tool is especially helpful in removing or replacing backgrounds on your photos.
  • Noise Reduction now included – Now you don’t have to export your photos to Lightroom or Aperture to apply noise reduction to your grainy photographs. Plus, it’ll let you selectively apply noise reduction so you can chose certain areas to be edited only like shadows or bright spots.
  • New integrated masking and selection tools – the separate Perfect Layers and Perfect Mask apps are now integrated to help streamline the process of compositing your photographs.
  • New Lens Flare filter – Perfect Effects now has a new Lens Flare filter which lets you add sun mild to bold flares to your photographs (similar effect when shooting at the sun or bright light). This filter and all the other filters/presets received a performance boost and will now load up to 30% faster than before.
  • New Retina display support – Those working on a newer Mac will appreciate the new Retina display support.
  • Open system access – Perfect Photo Suite 9 allowed quick and easy access to all of your photos no matter where you store them. It supports Dropbox, iCloud Photo Stream, Google Drive, and Microsoft’s OneDrive, along with local and network drives.

New Price Cuts!

OnOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 9 will be available in two different versions, Premium and Basic, and have all received significant price cuts. The Premium full-version will have an introductory price of $129.95 vs. the $179.95 retail price that we saw in Perfect Photo Suite 8.0 and 8.5 (that’s nearly 30% cheaper than before). Existing customers upgrading to the Premium version from any older qualifying version of Perfect Photo Suite can now upgrade for $89.95 vs. the old upgrade price of $99.95 (that 10% cheaper than before). You also have the option of picking up the Basic version for $79.95 which is priced the same as the outgoing Standard edition. There are no upgrade discounts to the Standard edition.

Do I qualify for a free upgrade to Perfect Photo Suite 9?

If you recently purchased Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 directly from on or after August 1st, 2014, then you may qualify for a free upgrade to version 9. Learn more about how to qualify for the free upgrade.

Questions? Comments?

If you have questions about Perfect Photo Suite questions, need help or have general feedback, then just leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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