Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 whats new review

Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 was recently released and completely revamped in this mid-cycle refresh. If you’re already running version 8.0, then this is a free upgrade for you if you choose to take it. If you’re considering getting this version by either upgrading or buying the full edition, then be sure to see our list of coupons and discounts before you do to help you save the most on your purchase. Also, if you’ve haven’t tried Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 yet then be sure to take advantage of the free 30 day trial that’s available.

So what’s new in 8.5?

We’ve got a short video for you that breaks down all that’s new in Perfect Photo Suite 8.5. Our favorite has to be the new background replacement capabilities along with the distraction eraser (similar to the content aware fill feature in Photoshop).

Edition Comparisons

Perfect Photo Suite comes in three flavors: the Standard edition, then Lightroom/Aperture edition, and the Premium Edition. All three feature the same 8 apps, just not all versions will work with your favorite Adobe and Apple software. Below is a list of how the three editions differ from each other.

Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 Edition Comparisons

When will version 9.0 be released?

As we do with each release from onOne Software, we’re tracking the latest Perfect Photo Suite 9 release date news, rumors, and feature requests. As it now stands, we expect to see the next version to be announced sometime in October or November, 2014. Onone is known for letting their customers know when a new version is on it’s way a few weeks before it’s released so it’s typically not a big surprise. Plus, we expect them to offer free upgrades to the new version (as they did in the past) for those that purchased the outgoing version right before the new one became available.

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