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Norton 2016 release date

Updated May 12th, 2015 – Norton has just released the PC beta versions Norton Security 2016 and Norton Security 2016 with Backup. You can download these directly from Norton’s beta center between now and the official 2016 version release (expected in late-September). You will just need to register with your email address before you’re able to download the beta and to get the beta key.

Remember that Norton has discontinued Antivirus, Internet Security, Norton 360, and 16 other security products and rolled it all into Norton Security with last year’s release. So if you haven’t yet switched over to the new Norton Security you will need to upgrade your current version once your existing license expires.

Norton’s 2016 versions are expected to be released worldwide in late September 2015.- Expected Norton Security 2016 Release Date

Here’s a look at some of the more recent Norton release dates:

  • Norton 2015 – Released on September 23, 2014.
  • Norton 2014 – Released on September 3, 2014.
  • Norton 2013 – Released on September 23, 2012
  • Norton 2012 – Released on September 6, 2011.
  • Norton 2011 – Released on August 31, 2010.
  • Norton 2010 – Released on September 8, 2009.
  • Norton 2009 – Released on September 9, 2008.
  • Norton 2008 – Released on August 28, 2007.

Is there a free upgrade to the 2016 version?

Unlike typically software licenses that require you to pay for version upgrades, Norton and most other computer security software companies provide version-equivalent upgrades for free to their users. That’s because you’re paying for an annual or longer license with your purchase. So as long as you have a current paid subscription, you are entitled to download the latest version of your Norton product during your entire service period. And because all updates and upgrades of Norton are free, you really don’t have any reason to wait for the 2016 release to buy your license it you’re up for a renewal or are a first-time customer.

Once Norton Security 2016 is released, you will be able to upgrade directly through the software itself or you can automatically check for updates and the download the latest version at Norton’s Update Center.

What we want to see changed in Norton Security 2016.

Every year we report on the things that we would like to see changed in Norton. Some of these changes are from our own experience with the software and some of the others are some of the issues are ones reported by users. Here’s what tops our list:

  • Bring back Norton 360 – If you’re one of those that switched from Norton 360 to Norton Security, then you’re probably not very happy about the decrease in features (and for some, performance). Norton 360 was Norton’s most popular, effective, and stable version as of late. And with the lack of choices now, seems like more customers who don’t like Security have no other option than to check out the competition.
  • Subscription renewal time – Were you aware that that when you purchase a new Norton product or upgrade/extend your subscription, any remaining time on your old plan gets lost? That’s right, your new subscription is completely independent of any other existing subscriptions and your time starts over based on your new plan. This is shady business practice and a ploy to get customers to renew more often. I hope Norton following suit of some of the other reputable computer security companies that ADD TIME to your existing subscription with any renewal or upgrade purchase.
  • File encryption & virtual disk incompatibility – A number of users have reported the BSODs (Blue Screens of Death) and total system freezes when Norton Security is used with file encryptions and virtual disk systems. That includes opening Steganos and Truecrypt encrypted files. It’s an error that been know since last December but still something that doesn’t yet appear to be resolved. If you’ve ever received the PNP_DETECTED_FATAL_ERROR then this is where it’s coming from.
  • Bring the quality support team back to the U.S. – When everything is going great, you never think about the support team. But when your PC catches a nasty virus or the software itself crashes your entire system, then quality support is critical. If you’ve ever talked to Norton’s support team, then you are probably aware that they are located overseas in India and the responses are your issues are completely scripted. And more often than not, the the support reps are so poorly trained that if it’s not on their script, you won’t get any help at all (and that’s a scary thing to think about if you’ve just lost all of your files). The language barrier doesn’t help either. We hope that these big companies Symantec take a step back from looking solely at the bottom line and bring back some quality customer support back into their products.
  • Other changes – Some more advanced users are asking for Norton 2016 to bring back the DS local vault option for all systems and Network/Devices Trusts Maps, as well as the option to change UI language directly from the program itself (rather than having to uninstall then re-install the software).

What do you want to see changed in Norton 2016?

Regardless if you’ve been using Norton for years or if you just tried the free trial version for a few days, we’ve love to hear your thoughts about it. What do you want to see changed or improved in the next release? Leave your feedback in the comments below!

  1. September 16, 2015


    When does Norton Security 2016 hit stors in Canada?


  2. August 19, 2015


    Bring back the local vault (and allow me to re-import it) despite the fact that you promised Norton WAS compatible with WIndows 10, Windows deleted it anyway, and a reinstallation of Norton would not allow me to create a local vault – I feel badly let down!!)

    Allow me the ability to mark my own software (that I have developed myself) as trusted BEFORE insight decides to just SILENTLY delete it)

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