Our Full List of Stores That Offer a Low Price Guarantee on Software

Low Price Guarantee

Be sure to look out for the “Low Price Guarantee” icon when browsing Software Voucher. When you see this symbol listed next to an offer or retailer, this means that their typically offer a price guarantee on the products they sell. If you are looking to purchase a software product from a reseller that offers this guarantee, you can request for a price match or lower price versus the competitor if by chance their price is higher. As you can expect, each store has different policies and restrictions so we recommend that you become familiar with them before making your purchase.

See below for the basic price matching policies for some of the more popular stores that carry the leading software brands. These policies only apply to orders made in the continental United States at the below online stores unless otherwise noted. Low price guarantees and refund policies will vary by country. These details were verified last on May 10, 2013 and may have changed since then so we can not guarantee the complete accuracy of the below.

These stores have an advertised price matching policy:

  • BestBuy.com – Best Buy has one of the easiest price match policies. Although they do not match their prices to 100% of all retailers, they will for most of the major online stores and local retail outlet competitors. The product and item number will need to be identical in both stores and immediately available (not on backorder). They will also match the price (if the item qualifies) for up to 15 days after your purchase. Certain restrictions apply and some products will not qualify for the offer so we recommend you see their full terms.
  • Buy.com – Buy.com has a price match policy in place but as long as the item was purchased from and shipped by a Rakuten Marketplace Seller on their list of qualified Internet retailers. They also have a limit of three items and a maximum price difference of $100.00 less than the retail price. We recommend you read Rakuten’s Best Price Guarantee before ordering to see if your order will qualify.
  • Corel.com – Corel has a relatively generous low price guarantee which actually extends to their resellers. This means that even if you purchased your Corel software from an authorized reseller that does not have a price match guarantee, you can reach out to Corel directly for a price match up to 30 days after your purchase. The lower price will need to be clearly advertised on Corel.com or on the resellers website and be on a single-user non-academic license only. Only orders completed in the United States and Canada will apply. See the complete terms.
  • Frys.com – Yes, Frys.com will price mach on just any competitive price but it will need to be from a local or online authorized competitor for an in-stock item. They also have a 30-Day Price Match Promise which they will refund you refund 110% of the difference. Just note that certain products are not included in this policy so be sure to see the terms and conditions posted before ordering. Learn more.
  • JR.com – JR has a price match policy (it’s a little vague but they still have one nonetheless). Their site says that they will “do everything possible to meet or beat that price at the time of purchase” but it does not qualify to CD’s and DVD’s (we’ve confirmed that software does qualify). The item will need to be in stock and sold by an authorized dealer. They will not discount below their dealer pricing levels.
  • OfficeDepot.com – Office Depot has both an in-store and online price match guarantee. It doesn’t appear to be as restrictive as some of the other stores as there is no mention about the retail store having to be an authorized reseller, although the online price-matching is limited to a few top competitors. Some products are excluded but software is not one of them.
  • OfficeMax.com – The policy at Office Max is pretty similar as the other office supply stores. They will price match to 100% of the difference on all products in store, including on software, and give you a 110% price match on ink toner. They are a little bit tighter on online and will require you to compete a Price Match Request form.
  • Target – Target has one of our more favorable price-match policies as they tend to match most of their major brick-and-motor and online competitors. Plus, it you find a lower price up to 7-days after your purchase then you may also be covered by the price match and can request a refund of the difference. Alaska and Hawaii Target stores are excluded from online competitor price matching as are items with rebates, bundle deals, and similar promotions. The full list of details are posted on Target’s “shop with confidence” page. All requests must be made in person at their Guest Services desk prior to purchase with proof of the current lower price at the competitor or by bringing in your original Target store receipt with proof of the lower price.  Not all requests may be honored and those that are will be limited to one price match per item per customer.
  • TigerDirect.com – Their price protection policy will will either price match to a listed competitor (must be the identical item) at the time of purchase or within the return widow after purchase. Qualifying competitors include Amazon.com, BestBuy.com, Buy.com, CDW.com, Costco.com, Crutchfield.com. Dell.com, Frys.com, Gamestop.com, Kmart.com, Newegg.com, Officedepot.com, Officemax.com, PCmall.com, PCConnections.com, Samsclub.com, Sears.com, Staples.com, Target.com, Radioshack.com, and Walmart.com. You are also limited to limited to two Price Protections per item, per household.  See site for full terms and restrictions.

Although these stores do not have publicly disclosed price match guarantees, some people have reported success in their price matching requests:

  • Apple.com – With Apple, the price match policy is a little fuzzy and may depend on the store that you go to (or the representative you reach when calling in over the phone). People have reported that they were able to receive a price match on their Apple purchase but only when an authorized reseller was selling the identical product. Then there are several news reports by MacNews, MacRumors and Apple Insider that there are select unadvertised price matching policies in place. Apple does confirm that if they drop the price of an item you purchased up to 14 days after you completed your order, you may qualify for a refund for the difference.
  • BHphotovideo.com – There is no advertised price match guarantee at B&H Photo Video, however we’ve seen reports that if you call in to the sales or customer service line, that they may be able to price match on certain items. You can read up more on the discussion at DPreview.com.

These stores do not price match on software products:

  • Adobe.com – They do not offer a price match or low price guarantee on any software products sold through the Adobe.com online store.
  • Amazon.com – Amazon does not offer a price match guarantee on any product sold through them or the third-party resellers. There is only one exception and that is on Televisions that are sold and fulfilled by Amazon.com (you have up to 14 days after your purchase to make a price match claim on your television purchase). Learn more.
  • Costco.com – They do not offer price matching, just price protection through their longer return policy.
  • BJ’s Wholesale – There is no price matching available on any orders made at a local BJ’s Wholesale store or through their online store.
  • CDW – They do not do price matches for regular customers. We’ve heard rumors that certain reps will try to price match on certain items sold but you will need to have a corporate account to be able to possibly get a better deal from them.
  • Crutchfield.com – They do not have a price match or price protection policy.
  • Cyberlink.com – We could not find details around a price match policy. The CyberLink Online Store offers a 30-day money back guarantee so you may return your product within this time period if you you’ve managed to find a lower price elsewhere.
  • Dell.com – We could not find an official pricing match policy, but according to some in the support forums, Dell Customer Care can on occasion price match your order but only with their own pricing changes made on their website within a limited time frame after purchase.
  • ESET.com – They do not offer pricing matching but extra discounts may be available when ordering over the phone with customer service.
  • HP.com – We’ve seen some discussions on HP’s online shopping price match policy on some forums but could not confirm this information ourselves directly from HP. Some have reported that you have 30 days from receiving your purchase to request a refund of the price difference on an identical product if the price becomes lower on HP.com. But because this is not a posted policy, be aware that HP has the right to deny any pricing adjustment requests.
  • MacMall.com – Their policy states that they will price match but only on Apple products and on deals found at authorized Apple resellers. Unfortunately, it appears that their price matching policy does apply to software products.
  • Newegg.com – Newegg does not price match on any of their products, but often have some of the most competitive prices on software to begin with. Here’s the official price match statement.
  • OnOneSoftware.com – We were unable to find any details or mention about a price match guarantee.
  • Norton.com – There are no pricing matching on Norton.com or Symantec.com, but if we’ve found that Amazon has some of the best prices on Norton Antivirus software (up to 70% off in some cases).
  • PC Connection – They only mention “See a better price? We’ll match it if we can” and this was on their small business page, so we’re not sure to which products or when exactly this applies.
  • PC Mall – They do not offer price matching on either their own pricing changes (if they lowered the price right after you bought something) or on a competitors lower price. Furthermore, keep in mid that all non-defective returns are subject to a restocking fee of 15% or more.