Intuit Reverses TurboTax Deluxe Changes: Upgrades Now Free

turbotax deluxe policy change reversal

Updated February 5, 2015: It came to all of us as a shock – The sudden and unannounced changes in TurboTax Deluxe 2014 that certain forms would no longer be supported in the Deluxe desktop version (those are the CD and download versions). Specifically, the removal of Schedules C (for self-employment and small business income), D (investment reporting) and E (rental or partnership income). That meant that those of us that have used the Deluxe version for years were forced to upgrade to either the Premier version (for about $30.00 more) or Home & Business (for about $40.00 more). Not very cool and, frankly, a pretty sneaky trick to get more money from their loyal customers.

As you can imagine, this caused quit a stir on social media with thousands of customers voicing their concerns on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and on Intuit’s own TurboTax help forums. And if you happen to visit the Deluxe page on Amazon, you would be greeted with over 2500 1-star reviews from fuming customers. As a result a number of customers decided to jump ship to competing tax software programs, including H&R Block’s at Home Deluxe and Taxcut Deluxe.

Not expecting such an uproar, on January 23, 2015 Intuit finally responded with an apology to the way they handled the change and offered a $25.00 rebate to select customers who used the Deluxe desktop version last year but who were forced to upgrade to one of the higher versions this year. As you can expect, this concession was not viewed in a good light. Not only did the $25.00 rebate not cover the full costs of upgrading but many were taken aback by the fact that you had to provide your social security number in order to request for the rebate (it ahead the light on Intuit’s practices of collecting and storing their customers personal information, even on the desktop versions where you think all your personal tax information is only kept between you and the IRS).

In a dramatic turn of events, last night Intuit President & Chief Executive Officer, Brad Smith, came out in a video posted on Linkedin that they will be reversing the changes that were made in the the Deluxe version. He’s quoted saying that the entire change was “mishandled” and that “[customers have made it] clear about what would make this right”. So next year in 2016, when you’ll be working on your 2015 taxes, Deluxe desktop versions will include Schedules C, D and E exactly as it had for many years before.

But what about this year?

Beginning on Saturday, February 7th, existing TurboTax Deluxe desktop users (i.e. you used the Deluxe desktop version for your 2013 tax return) who need to upgrade to Premier or Home & Business will be able to do so for free within the software itself. So no extra costs and no rebate forms to send in. If you’re already filed and had to pay for the upgrade, then you can still take advantage of the $25.00 rebate up until April 20th, 2015. Keep in mind that both the free upgrade and rebate only apply to users that used Deluxe 2013 desktop to file their taxes last year and who need to upgrade, as a result to the form changes, to Premier desktop or Home & Business desktop. New customers, customers using the online versions, and those who did not file their 2013 tax returning using the TurboTax Deluxe CD or download version will not qualify for this offer.

Here’s the full video apology and policy change response from Brad Smith:

The video’s transcript can be viewed here.

So what are your thoughts?

Can Intuit be trusted? Planning on sticking with TurboTax after this major faux pas? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

  1. January 14, 2016

    Thomas J. Smith

    In 2014 I Iused the Delux but torbo change it to the nex one for me now is the Delux for 2015 changed or due I have toget the next one. Thanks

  2. December 3, 2015

    Bebe Black

    I was previously given comp Turbo Tax from Vanguard. They discontinued this for the 2015 year. How will I be eligible for the $25 discount when I order the Premier version.

    Bebe Black

  3. November 14, 2015


    Last year was a nightmare. I was very disappointed,and have changed software.

  4. September 18, 2015

    Bud Stafford

    I can not believe that I just now got this information (18 Sept 2015). Intuit knew this when I was attempting to do my 2014 return and said nothing. I assumed the laws had changed.
    Shame on Intuit. Capitalism is great only when Capitalists act with integrity and honor. Knowhow also helps.*

  5. April 12, 2015


    I e-filed through basic TurboTax 2014 this year but only intended to file Federal Tax. While filling in the forms online I noticed that there was a “STATE” tax column. I was unable to find an option to not e-file the state tax section of the process. Why?? I wound up having to refile through the same turbotax program and pay 29.99 for the state tax e-file because of said error for my birthdate and that both Federal and State filings were rejected…. What kind of “dicy” business practice is this???
    I would like to hear about any previous experience by others of this problem.


  6. March 24, 2015


    I bought an Intuit Basic version of TurboTax and found Malware embedded it in. The Malware shut down my firewall and I lost control of my mouse and keyboard. Fortunately I was not connected to the internet at the time, because I’m paranoid. I bought TurboTax on CD at Walmart and the seal was intact. (I didn’t want to download it because I thought that was a greater risk right now. Ha!) I’ve contacted the manufacturer, who has not yet responded and I’ve contacted someone I know at CRA, who has not responded yet either. I’ll formally contact CRA right after this post. Any conspiracy theories? This disk is supposedly made in Canada and approved by CRA. The Malware in in the file that also contains a series of barcodes, not sure what else. I removed TurboTax immediately and didn’t write down the name of the file. I will happily send the disk to either Intuit or CRA for investigation.

  7. February 8, 2015

    Gerald Musial

    How do you get the upgrade? It keeps coming up “unable to install+

    • February 9, 2015


      Hi Gerald,

      The folks at TurboTax confirmed that some customers are receiving an error when upgrading from TurboTax Deluxe To Home and Business Desktop… they are still working through the kinks. Here’s more info.


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