H&R Block Giftcard Bonus Refund Offer for 2017

hr block gift card refund offer

Updated March 20th, 2017: If you’re looking for the H&R Block gift card refund deal for 2017, then we’re sad to say that it’s not being offered directly from hrblock.com this year. However, it looks like Amazon is the only retailer that still has the deal available on select boxes this year so you can still get your 10% bonus (if you qualify and opt-in your federal tax refund check). Be sure read the terms and conditions to see if it’s worth getting for you.

We’ve kept up the details up from last year for your reference so you can scroll down below for more info. Enjoy!

Updated January 4th, 2016: With tax season heating up, H&R Block is working hard to beat down it’s #1 rival in the digital tax software space, TurboTax. This year they’ve introduced a bonus refund offer that is very similar to TurboTax’s offer from last year where you could get up to 10% of your Federal refund back on the form of a gift card. And unlike TurboTax’s which only gave you the option of getting a Amazon gift card, with H&R Block at Home you can choose to get one or several from over 40 different stores.

How does it work?

Head on over to HRblock.com and select any one of H&R Block’s at Home software, including Basic, Deluxe, Premium and Premium & Business, and begin working ton your tax return. Once you’re ready to file, you will have the option to choose to receive either part or all of your Federal tax refund (in increment of $100) in the form of a store gift card. So for example if you are expecting $2,800 back, the average refined received by families in 2015, then you’ll get $280 extra added on your gift card if you elect to have the entire amount added onto it. You have 40 stores to choose from including Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, iTunes, and Nordstrom.

Which products qualify?

All of H&R Block’s software and online products sold at HRblock.com will qualify for this deal. Just keep in mind that not all products give you the save gift crd refund percentage. Here’s the breakdown:

  • H&R Block Federal Free Edition, Basic edition, or the 1040EZ app: You’ll earn an additional 5% bonus on the purchase amount of your e-gift cards.
  • H&R Block Federal Deluxe, Premium, or Premium & Business (personal only) editions: You’ll earn an extra 10% bonus on the purchase amount of your e-gift cards.

Do I have to put my entire refund on the gift card?

No! You can choose any amount from your Federal refund from just $100 all the way up to $9,000. It just has to be in increments of $100. Because H&R Block has 40 different stores to choose from, you can also choose to receive your refund on several different cards.

Where can I see the full details of this deal?

Here’s the link to the full offer details as posted on hrblock.com. Remember that you only have until April 15th, 2016 to qualify for this deal.

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H&R Block vs. TurboTax

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Is there an H&R Block Returning Customer Discount?

When it comes to the tax software from H&R Block, there are no different discounts for existing clients and new clients as everyone can take advantage of the same offers. If you are planning on going to one of your local H&R Block stores to have your taxes done for you this year, we’ve heard that returning clients with the same documents are receiving 'no increase' in prices from last year, although we have yet to confirm this. You can also take to the store associates and see it they are able to provide an extra discount for you at the time of ordering.

Where can I find an H&R Block location near me?

With over 10,000 locations in the United States and Canada, there’s bound to be an office not so far away from where you live. Visit the H&R Block office locator the see what’s open and the services they provide. Some locations are open year-round to service business and many offices also have Spanish language support.