Free McAfee Internet Security 2015 – Thanks to the Military!

McAfee Internet Security free for military

Published May 27th, 2015: Being in the military has it’s perks, especially when it comes to all the military discounts out there. There a lot of companies, especially when it comes to software, that cut prices in half or more as long as you can show proof that you are in active military service (TurboTax is one of our favorites, but of course there are exceptions like Adobe). But every once in a while we come across one of those “too good to be true” offers and this is one of them. Today we’ll let you know how to get a full two-year subscription to McAfee Internet Security 2015 for free for your Mac or PC.

How to get McAfee Internet Security for free.

Step 1: The first step is to go to McAfee’s Internet Security redemption page at (see example below). There are two different pages depending on if you need the MAC (located here) or the PC version (located here).

Free McAfee Internet Security - Example 2

Step 2: You’ll be asked to enter a “company code” and a corporate email address. Select one of the codes below that corresponds to the version that you wish to get. In terms of the corporate email address, they want you an email that ends in “.mil” but we used our gmail address and were still able to get it to send us a free serial number. So in theory, at the time of writing this article anybody could get a free subscription to McAfee as well. That’s probably a mistake that McAfee will probably change soon.

Free McAfee Internet Security - Example 1

Step 3: Now check you email address. You should have received an email titled “Install Your McAfee Software”. It will include your product code/license number and a like to active the free subscription.

Free McAfee Internet Security - Example 3

Step 4: Following the activation link in your activation email will take you back to  It should already auto-fill your license key in the product code box. After it’s filled-in, click “submit”.

Free McAfee Internet Security - Example 3

Step 5: If you don’t yet have a McAfee account then you will need to create a new account under your email address and agree to their terms of use.  If you have an existing McAfee account then you’ll be able to login at this step.

Free McAfee Internet Security - Example 5

Step 6:  Now you should be able to download and install your free copy of McAfee Internet Security 2015 with free upgrades throughout the life of your membership (i.e. 2016 version, 2017 version). Our account shows that the license we just got expires on December 31, 2017.

Free McAfee Internet Security - Example 6

Free McAfee Internet Security - Example 7


If you have any questions, get stuck, or have found that this deal has expired, then let us know in the comments section below.

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