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We know our grandkids will thank us someday for putting our family’s geological tree together. But until then, we’re watching closely for the release Family Tree Maker Mac 4 to help us do a better job putting our tree together. As a user of Family Tree Maker myself, the updates over the years to the software have all been welcome as there have been a number of worthwile improvements. If you’re new to the software and running on a Mac but not sure if it’s worth getting the current version or if you should wait, we’re confident that you won’t be disappointed with version 3. If you decide to wait, then be on the lookout for FTM 4 for Mac to be released in November or early-December, 2014.

Nova/ is expected to release Family Tree Maker between November and mid-December, 2014.- Expected Family Tree Maker for Mac 4 Release Date

Below is the release date history of the mac version. We also have the release date history for the PC version if you’re interested in seeing how this one compares that one.

  • Family Tree Maker Mac 3 – This is the current version. It was released on December 13, 2013.
  • Family Tree Maker Mac 2 – Released in November, 2011.
  • Family Tree Maker Mac – It debuted on November 4, 2010

What do we want to see in Family Tree Maker 4?

While version 3 was finally on feature parity with the PC version, there is still some room from impovements. Here is our list of things that we would like to see added and improved in this next release:

  • Faster speed – Many users report that FTM 3 is slow and sluggish on their machines (equal or slower than version 2). This is probably due to the fact that the software is 32-bit but runs on a 64-bit system. This is an obvious fix that we expect to see addressed in the next release.
  • Improved error checking – If you enter a child born several years after the father passes away, then there is an obvious problem (although not impossible with what’s possible nowadays, it’s likely to happen to most families). Family Tree Maker software does not do a good job in obvious errors in dates and life-order.
  • Imputing family members without a lat name – I’m not talking about those of you related to on-named folks like “Madonna” but when the last name is not known. The software is problematic when it comes to imputing only first-named family members.
  • Add Smart Stories to the Mac version – If you’ve used the PC version, then you know what a great feature Smart Stories are. Smart Stories is a narrative tool that lets you use the existing facts, data and sources in your family’s tree to record it in a special text box. This is then tied back and recorded to your tree.
  • Third-party plug-in support – The Windows version supports third-party plug-ins so why doesn’t the Mac version support it?
  • Required credit-card for the 3-month free trial to – We put this last on our list. That’s not because it’s the least important (this is one of the top wished-for improvements) but rather it’s something we don’t expect to be changed. You’re probably familiar with the 3-month free subscription to that’s included with your boxed version of Family Tree Maker. But to signup, you have to agree to an evergreen membership contract that’s automatically renewed to your credit card. The credit card is required at the free membership signup so you’ll need to remember to cancel before the 3 months is up so you’re not charged.

Your suggestions.

If you’re a current user of FTM then what would you want to see changed, added, removed, revised in version 4? Leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below.

  1. November 1, 2015

    Thomas J Noonan

    Will I be able to upgrade from Family Tree Maker for Windows 2010 to Family Tree Maker for Mac 4?, What is the current projected release date for Mac 4 ? 11/2/2015

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