About Cookies

Our mission at SoftwareVoucher.com is a relatively simple one:

To bring you the best possible deals on the world’s best selling software to help you save more money than anywhere else on the web.- SoftwareVoucher.com Mission Statement

But achieving this, with hundreds of offers updated each day, is not a task that is as simple as it sounds. We have a huge team of people worldwide working around the clock to help bring you the absolute best software vouchers, coupons and promotions.

OK. So what does this have to do with cookies?

In order to keep up our efforts and bring you the best possible deals on software, we have partnered with some of the best software names in the industry. Most of these partners pay us a small commission fee for each user that users one of our vouchers or coupon codes. To be able to track these orders so we receive credit for the referral, a cookie is placed on a visitor’s browser when they click out from our website to the reseller or retailer’s website. Once the user buys something, this cookie identifies the user as having come from our website and we earn our small commission as a result. We use the money we earn to pay our salaries and operating costs.
It’s also import to note that not all of the resellers that we link to pay us a commission fee. We strive to be unbiased when posting our deals and often do so regardless of the fees that we earn. Ultimately, we are about bringing our users that best possible deals on the most popular software products.

How do you delete or block cookies on Software Voucher?

Blocking and deleting cookies is done through the advanced settings in the internet browser you are using. Each web browser is a little bit different so we recommend that learn more at www.AboutCookies.org where detailed instructions are available.

For more information…

For more information about SoftwareVoucher.com and our use of cookies, then please see our terms and conditions for full details. For more about our business practices or just for general feedback, we encourage you to contact us any time.