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Updated March 20th, 2017: So you’ve spend hours, days or even weeks filling out your online tax return with TurboTax and you’re finally ready to file and forget about your taxes – Congratulations! But just when you’re about ready to pay you see a box where you can enter a TurboTax “service code”. So what is this and how can it help you save on your TurboTax order? Let’s take a look and see.

What is a TurboTax Service Code?

A TurboTax service code is where you can apply a unique, one-time discount to your TurboTax purchase. Unlike other TurboTax discounts, like this 25% off instant coupon, the service codes are are issued at an individual basis, for pre-determined reasons, and are not something offered by third-party companies (i.e. third party discounts include those from Bank of America, Chase, AAA or USAA that are automatically applied and don’t require a service code). Most people who have a service code got one through TurboTax’s customer service as a make-good, usually because they were experiencing unexpected issues. All codes can only be used once and often expire a few weeks after being issued. Also remember that a single TurboTax tax return will only accept one service code so there’s no benefit to apply more than one per filing.

How can I get a TurboTax Service Code?

TurboTax service codes are only issued through their customer service department. You can always try writing or calling them to see if you can get one – But just be prepaid to have a valid reason why you should be given one. You may want to ask for them to price match to the lower priced tax software sold at some of there popular resellers (such as Amazon or Best Buy for example).

Where can I enter a TurboTax service code?

If you already have a service code to use on your 2017 tax software purchase from intuit.com then you’ll have to apply it at checkout. On your order summary, in the “review your order” section under the “file” link, you’ll a link near the bottom of the screen labeled “I have a service code”. Click on it and enter the code that you have into the pop-up box. Once applied, the discount should be reflected on your order summary (hopefully at a much lower price than you were seeing before).

turbotax service code

Wait! There are the available TurboTax discounts for 2017!

Before you put down your credit card number, be sure to see all the deals offered by TurboTax this year that can help you save up to 25% off your purchase. And there are so many offers this you that under no circumstances should you end up paying the asking full price. You can start by checking out the current offers on our main TurboTax deals page or go directly to discounts offered specifically on the Deluxe, Premier, Self-Employed, or Home & Business versions if you already know which version you’ll be using this year. Some other partner offers may able be offered by your bank or financial institution – i.e. Bank of America, Chase, Fidelity, Visa, Mastercard, AAA or AARP.

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Historically, TurboTax is known for teaming up with some of the top banks across the country to provide extra savings and perks for their customers. Be sure to check out your Bank of America, Chase, Citi, Capital One, or your other favorite financial institution to see if they are offering anything special this year. You may be able to save even more either by using your partner credit card at purchase or by picking up a copy of TurboTax for 2017 directly through them.