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Offers updated on Oct 21, 2014

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Our Most Popular Deal!

  • Get 10% off
    It’s currently sale priced at Amazon.
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  • You’ll find the best deals on TurboTax Home and Business 2013 this week at Amazon.com. The full edition that includes Federal and State returns with eFile are now on sale for up to 10% off the retail price which drops the sale price down to as low as $89.99 (retails for $99.99). If you don’t need to file a State return, it’s also available without the State return and it’s priced at a little bit less. You’ll be able to choose from either the boxed version with free shipping, which includes a physical disk used for installation, or the download version which you can stream and install on your PC/Mac immediately after checkout. Prices may vary slightly depending on version sold and product availability. TurboTax orders from Amazon are eligible for the bonus refund offer.
  • Order before October 31, 2014.

Official Intuit Coupon

  • Get $20.00 off
    instantly at the TurboTax Store
  • Apply Coupon
  • If ordering the online edition directly from Intuit.com, follow the above link to save $20.00 off instantly on Home and Business. You’ll also have the option to add States return for an extra $36.95/each. Unlike the traditional boxed versions sold at retailers, the Online editions are all cloud based. Your entire tax return is completed through your TurboTax online account through your computers browser. You can also use the free app to work on your return from your iPad or Android tablet or smart phone. Because the programs saves your information as you go, you can start working from one computer, save your data, and then complete and file your return from another.
  • Promotion expires April 15th, 2014.

The Bundle Offer is Back!

  • quicken turbotax bundle discount offer
    Get $40.00
    TurboTax-Quicken 2014 Bundle.
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  • Once again for 2014, Intuit has teamed up with some of their top stores to offer an exclusive bundle discount when you purchase TurboTax Home and Business 2013 with a qualifying copy of Quicken 2014. This is one of our favorite deals of the tax season and is the time we all update our copies of Quicken software. The easiest store to take advantage of this promotion is at Amazon where all of their TurboTax-Quicken bundles have the $20.00 to $40.00 discount already reflected in the posted price (i.e. No additional codes or rebate forms are needed at all). You can also pick up a copy at Staples, but here you will need to send in a rebate form by mail (they will send you a $40.00 valued Visa gift card between 2 and 4 weeks from the date of all qualified requests).
  • Valid through tax day, April 15th, 2014.

The Norton Turbotax Bundle Offer

  • turbotax norton bundle discount offer
    Get 10% off
    Norton-Turbotax Bundle Offer
  • Buy Now
  • If you’re due for a renewal on your Norton software then there is no better time to get in than now. Norton and TurboTax have teamed up again this year to offer their bundle discount for 2014. Save an extra $12.89 instantly when buying TurboTax Home & Business 2013 (efile and State return included) along with Norton 360 2014 (3 licenses for one user) at Amazon. That’s about 10% off with the bundle vs. buying both copies separately. No codes or rebate forms are requires as the discount will be automatically reflected in your shopping cart. Only one bundle discount is available per person/household during the 2014 tax season.
  • Offer ends on April 26th, 2014.

Free Amazon Gift Card

  • turbotax amazon gift card promotion
    Free Gift
    With refund by gift card.
  • Learn More
  • If you’re expecting a tax refund this year, then why not get part of it in the form of a gift card from Amazon? If you do, you can get up to an extra 10% more of you refund due for free! The Refund Bonus Program gives TurboTax Home and Business customers the option to use part or all of their federal refund to purchase an Amazon.com Gift Card. When you do so, you’ll get you either 8% or 10% of the amount added to the amount of the card for free (depending on where you purchase it from). We’ve put together all of the details of this promotion for you – Just follow the above link to learn more and to see which versions qualify.
  • Free bonus expires on April 15th, 2014.

Low Price Guarantee

  • Price Match
    available at Staples.
  • Learn more
  • If you usually buy your TurboTax software from one of the larger big-box stores, then be sure to take advantage of the available low price guarantees. Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot, Fry’s Electronics, and many of the larger electronics stores will let you price match against their competitions. If you follow the below link you’ll be able to learn more about the policy by store. Just note that if any rebate forms available will not apply to the price matched price.
  • get the low price guarantee

Partner Offer

  • Get 15% off
    when ordering from your bank.
  • Learn More
  • Several banking and financial intuitions have partnered with TurboTax to offer their clients special discounts on TurboTax Home & Business. Some of the more popular ones are offered from Bank of America, Vanguard, Chase, AAA or American Express accounts. The exact discount will vary depending on the partnership that your bank has but you should usually save an average of 15% off when ordering at Intuit.com.
  • Expiration dates will vary.

Warehouse Club Offer

  • Now on Sale
    at your local club store.
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  • At the peak of tax season (mid-March through April 15th), you’ll see that the popular member-only warehouse stores will have select versions of TurboTax on display and on sale. Costco, BJ’s and Sam’s Club tend to offer up to $25.00 off on the boxed versions of Home and Business. If you’re buying earlier in the season and it’s not in stock at your local store, then you can also see if you can order a copy directly from their website (most stores will offer free shipping). You will need to be an active club member in order to purchase. State sales taxes may apply.
  • Prices may vary by store.

Try TurboTax for Free

  • Free Trial
    is available for new customers.
  • Try it free
  • Just like in previous years, TurboTax Home and Business 2013 is available to try for free. There is no software to install as it’s the trial is only available in the online cloud form. Unlike other trial software that’s only open for 30 days, TurboTax lets you take as long as you like to complete your tax return but will not let you file or print the completed from unless you pay. You do not need to be a new customer in order to qualify for the free trial.
  • free trial available


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What other similar tax programs can I choose from?

Before getting TurboTax Home & Business, take a look at H&R Block at Home Premium & Business. Both programs are very similar when it comes to features and refund guarantees, but you’ll often see that the biggest difference between the two is with the price. TurboTax tends to price their software higher than H&R Block (even after applying one of the available discounts). Of course offers will vary so be sure to see what you get with each program before purchasing.

Does TurboTax offer a military discount?

There are no discounts on the Home and Business edition for military personnel but you can get the free Freedom Edition if you meet the eligibility requirements. For the 2013 tax year, you’ll would have needed to be employed by the military (on active duty), had an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of no more than $57,000, and be ranked no higher than E-5. If you are an E-6 to E-10 ranking officer then the 2013 Freedom edition is available to you at a discounted rate of $24.99.

When will next year’s TurboTax software be available?

You can expect to begin seeing all of the TurboTax 2014 versions released and and on sale sometime in mid-November 2014 in the United States and in the fist week of January 2015 in Canada (including the French version in Quebec).