Turbotax Discount Not Applied to Your Order? Let’s See Why

turbotax discount not applied

Updated March 20th, 2017: If you’ve spent any time at all looking for deals on TurboTax, you’ve probably noticed that there are a ton of them advertised. From various deals found on our main TurboTax deals page to those that may be offered by your bank (i.e. Bank of America or Wells Fargo), your member-only club (i.e. AAA Automobile Club), your financial institution (i.e. Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard), or even your credit card company (i.e. Chase, Capital One), it can be confusing. Well, we’re here to break out the details for you to make sure your discount is correctly applied to your 2017 order of TurboTax made at intuit.com.

How a Turbotax Discount is applied to your order.

Most, if not all, TurboTax discounts for the online or boxed versions sold at Intuit.com are automatically applied to you order when you follow the discount link provided by your bank or financial institution. The link will have a unique “priority code” in the url parameter that’s attributed to the offer which you probably won’t even notice that it was there.  It then automatically saves the discount in your online TurboTax account.

Where can I see if the offer was correctly applied?

Unlike the boxed versions of TurboTax where you pay up fount for the CD or download, all of the TurboTax Online editions apply their fees when you finish your tax return. But you don’t have to complete your entire tax return in order to see if the lower price was applied. Follow these simple steps to see if how much the version you chose is expected to cost.

Step 1 – Sign in.  

Go to turbotax.intuit.com and sign-in to your account (we’re assuming you’ve already followed the offer that you wish to use and have either created a new TurboTax account or signed into your existing one).

turbotax discount not applied - screenshot 2

Step 2 – Choose your TurboTax version.

If you’ve already made your version selection, then you won’t see this window again as it will remember the selection based on your account ID. If you haven’t, then you will see something similar to the below. Remember that even at any time before you pay and file your tax return that you will be able to change your selection (and either downgrade or upgrade your TurboTax version).

turbotax discount not applied - screenshot 3

Step 3 – Choose the “File” tab.

Once you’re in your account, there will be a “file” tab. Once selected, you will see four different options appear. Choose “my fees” under the tools center.

turbotax discount not applied - screenshot 4

Step 4 – See the charges. 

Here you’ll see the TurboTax version that you originally choose and the associated price. Note that even though the lower price may be shown (like in our example the Home & Business version was discounted from $104.99 to $74.99) it won’t list the discounted amount or the original price… just what you owe after the savings are applied.  Remember that taxes and any add-ons (i.e adding a State e-file) will cost more and will raise your final total.

turbotax discount not applied - screenshot 5

What if the lower price is not there?

If you find that the price that you were expected is not posted, then we recommend that you go back to the original deal that you wanted to use, click on the link, and follow the steps outlined above to see again. If it’s still not there, it’s possible that offer has already expired. We recommend that you contact the folks at TurboTax via chat or phone and let them know your issue – We’ve heard that they will often try to help you out 😉

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