Trend Micro 2016 Release Date, Beta News & Rumors

Trend Micro 2016 release date

Updated July 21st, 2015: We are mid-way through summer and that means that we are getting closer to all of the 2016 antivirus and internet security releases from the major computer protection companies. And while you’ll see some of the releases already occurring later in July, like Bitdefender for example, most of them happen in September. That rings true for Trend Micro and some of their major competitors like Norton, McAfee and Webroot. Watch for all Trend Micro 2016 versions to be in mid-September (last year it was on September 16th). The beta version (build 9.0) is already available for those interested in trying downloading and testing it out for free.

Trend Micro is expected to release their 2016 versions in mid-September 2015.- Expected Trend Micro 2016 Release Date

What’s new in Trend Micro 2016?

Here’s what will be new in the next release of Trend Micro (source:

  • Windows 10 support
  • Brand-new solution for encryption ransomware (Active Document Control)
  • Brand-new User Mode Hooking driver
  • Brand-new Anti-Exploit
  • Brand-new Website Certificate Checker
  • Brand-new Facebook App Privacy Scanner
  • Enhanced Forced Migration
  • Enhanced Email Report Opt-in
  • New version of Password Manager integration
  • New version of Platinum SDK integration
  • New version of browser support
  • Performance improvement

Just keep in mind that other improvements and changes may come at the official launch as Trend Micro tweaks the software based on feedback from their beta testers.  You’ll also see product improvements throughout the year that some with the automatic updates.

What changes do you want to see?

If you are currently using a Trend Micro 2015 version of Maximum Security, Internet Security or Antivirus then let us know what changes and improvements you would like to see in the 2016 product line. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.  All comments will be held for moderation until approved by one of us here to help prevent spam.

  1. July 15, 2015


    I will see a new design

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