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trend micro 2015 release date

Updated September 16th, 2014: Trend Micro has just released their 2015 product line. If you’re an existing customer, then your upgrade is free. If you’re a new customer or renewing your service then see below as we were able to secure a 25% discount if you order directly from Here is what you have to choose from:

  • Trend Micro Premium Security 2015 (all-in-one protection for up to 5 devices) – MSRP $99.95, Sale Price $74.95.
  • Trend Micro Maximum Security 2015 (comprehensive protection and privacy for up to 3 devices) – MSRP $89.95, Sale Price $66.95.
  • Trend Micro Internet Security 2015 (advanced internet security protection and privacy) – MSRP $79.95, Sale Price $59.95.
  • Trend Micro Antivirus+ 2015 (basic online protection) – MSRP $39.95, Sale Price $29.95.

Updated August 20th, 2014: It’s that time of the year again where we’re getting closer to the release of the 2015 versions of antivirus and internet security software from the major computer security companies. Trend Micro is similar to Norton and McAfee as they all have historically released their annual version updates in September. We expect this year to be no different with the official Trend Micro 2015 product launch coming in the first half of September, 2014 (sign up for the release date list is on the right of this page if you want to be notified). The 2015 beta was open in the summer but has now since ended accepting new testers.

Trend Micro is expected to release their 2015 versions sometime during in the first half of September, 2014.- Expected Trend Micro 2015 Release Date

What was new in the 2014 version?

We saw several improvements in the 2014 release, including a welcomed increase in scan performance. We also saw the expended social network virus protection with the ability to scan for privacy, the additional of wi-fi network validation, new scanning of malicious links in instant messenger capabilities, and automatic security level switching based on the amount of threats currently online. Some other smaller improvements were made as well but we won’t go into great depth here – You can read more at

What do we want to see changed in Trend Micro 2015?

From the start, we have to say that Trend Micro is easily one of our favorite antivirus programs on then market (all of us here at Software Voucher using PC’s have Titanium Premium Security). It seems to have one of the best track records in blocking viruses and runs seamlessly in the background. However, as with everything in life, there is room for improvements. Here are the top things that we would like to see changed in the next release:

  • The ability to turn off automatic updates. A few years ago this was possible, but starting in 2011 Trend Micro took this feature away. Now we know that that this defeats the purpose of having antivirus software installed and running if you can’t update it the moment new threats arise, but there are situations during high CPU usage where it would be nice to shut it off for awhile (i.e. when gaming).
  • The option to scan while the computer is asleep. There is nothing more annoying than waking up in the morning, turning on your laptop, and first thing your computer wants to do is to run a full scan. It should run it when we’re not using it, or learn our usage habits to not run any scans during our historical peak usage times.
  • A more efficient way of white listing a site or action. Rather than going into the program and hunting for the right place to white list a site, there should be a quick link or icon that takes you directly to it with the available actions/options everything the program wants to do it automatically.

What would you like to see added or improved in the next release?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

  1. September 18, 2014


    Don’t see it on their website yet…

    • September 18, 2014


      There’s no blaring “2015” on the page but you’ll see the boxes have changed and “new for 2015” listed by the price (for example, here’s the Internet Security 2015 page).

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