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One of the biggest perks of being a school, besides summer vacations and not having to be trapped in an office all day, has been the student discounts available around town. If you use your student discounts as much as we did while in college, then I’m sure you already know all of the restaurants,shops and movie theaters that you can score a deal.  But over the last few years, many online stores have begun offering special prices for students, and probably some of the best deals can be found on software.  We’ve gone through all of the top software manufacturers and resellers and compiled a full list stores where you can get a deal with your school ID card.

The top stores to get software at a student discount:

  • Journey Ed – They are our number one pick for the best deals on student software. They carry thousands of software titles from over 450 brands, including Microsoft, Corel, Autodesk, Avid, and Norton. Everything in the store is priced just for students so no need to search for special versions. Journey Ed is an authorized retailer and often have special promotions on top of the discounted student price that will save you a little bit more.
    • Purchase qualifications: Prior to ordering anything from Journey Ed, you will need to provide proof that you or a member of your family is currently enrolled as a student. One of the following forms of verification is needed: Online Verification (where you can upload your dated Student School ID card), send in a course schedule with the current semester/quarter date listed, receipt for your school payment, or an official letter of enrollment on school letterhead from your schools admissions office. If you are a parent of a student, then the same forms of prequalification apply, but you can also provide a report card as an acceptable form of proof as well.

  • Academic Superstore – A very similar store to Journey Ed (actually, this site is managed by the same folks that run Journey Ed). They have thousands of software titles and only sell to students that can provide proof that they are enrolled in a college, university, or K-12 grade school. If you are ordering from them for the first time, keep in mind that it will take about one business day to process your school documents before they will ship out your order.
    • Purchase qualifications: The exact same qualifications apply as to Journey Ed (see above). In addition, if you or your child are home schooled, you can provide these forms of proof: Receipt for Home School Curriculum, Membership in HAS (Home School Association), or a Letter of intent to home school issued from your State. Faculty from an educational institution can also take advantage of the student discounts; a current faculty ID card, pay stub, or letter of employment issues by the school on official letterhead is required.

  • Studica – Studica not only carries thousands of software titles in their store, but also other item such as textbooks, hardware and apparel. Not our favorite store because of their limited return policy (30 days of delivery but only of your software is unopened) and “restocking fee” of 15% if you do not purchase something else from them.
    • Purchase qualifications: You will need to provide a photocopy of your student or faculty ID with this year’s date on it, dated class schedule, or official letter of enrollment verification from your school printed on your school’s letterhead.

  • Amazon’s Student Software – Amazon was a store that surprised us at first as it was not one we immediately though of to purchase student-only software. But they actually have an entire section dedicated to software deals just for students. Plus, because it’s Amazon most of the software they sell is additionally discounted off the standard student price. Most of their best selling titles are from Adobe n the Creative Suite line.
    • Purchase qualifications: Amazon does not verify a student’s status or eligibility; it’s done by the manufacturer at the time of installation. You’ll be able to purchase the software from Amazon but will need to follow the guidelines posted to send in your eligibility requirements. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a useless box of software that you won’t be able to install on your computer.

  • Apple – has an entire section just for students that include deals on software, hardware and Mac accessories. Their software for students is very limited, but do include many of the best selling brands (not only those made by Apple but other third party software programs as well).
    • Purchase qualifications: Your school will need to be on the list of pre-qualified schools if ordering from the Apple online store.

  • Adobe – You can buy student editions directly from Although we would only recommend ordering the Creative Cloud (CC) subscription from them (varies from $19.99 to $29.99 per month for students) as you can buy the regular boxed versions for less from any of the resellers listed above. If you decide on the subscription, Adobe CC gives you access to all of their creative tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Acrobat and a plethora of other programs for a monthly rate. Most plans let you cancel anytime and if you do or are delayed in a payment, your software automatically stops working.
    • Purchase qualifications: A photocopy of your school ID with a date on it that is within the last six months, a school transcript, report card or tuition bill.

  • Microsoft – At the Microsoft Student Store, they offer deals on all of their most popular software programs, including on Windows and Office. You can also grab a deal on a new PC, Surface tablet, Xbox 360, or Windows Phone.
    • Purchase qualifications: To order from the Microsoft Student Store, you’ll need to be full-time student at an eligible accredited educational institution located in the United States. They will verify your eligibility by checking your .edu email address prior to order checkout.

  • Corel – You can order all of Corel’s most popular software products at at discounted education pricing. And their discounts on many of their best sellers are up to 80% off the listed retail price. For example, you can find CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 for $99.00 vs. the full price of $499.00.
    • Purchase Qualifications: You must be a student (Part-time is OK) or affiliated with an accredited institution to be able to order at the student price. Corel checks eligibility with your student ID, although other forms of proof may be accepted (see their terms and conditions for full details). Any products purchased through their program are not allowed to be resold, donated or re-gifted.

  • Cyberlink – Most of their most popular software products are available in a student edition (which is the exact same software as the regular ones). If you buy from the official Store, the deals range from 50% to 70% off the list price. The deepest discounts are on both the Director Suite and PowerDirector 11 Ultimate Suite.
    • Purchase Qualifications: If you’re ordering from, they will require you to be a fulltime or part-time student, or an instructor at a qualified educational institution. A copy of your school id card, report card or transcript are all acceptable forms of proof for eligibility. Allow about two business days for Cyberlink to verify your order after you submit your student information.

  • Norton – The deals for Norton/Symantec products for students at their online store are just average. All the antivirus products they have listed are at a flat 50% off the regular list price, including on Norton 360, Norton Internet Security, and Norton Antivirus. While normally 50% is a pretty good offer, if you head out to some of the top resellers like Amazon, you can often find 60% to 70% off on select versions with no student eligibility needed.
    • Purchase Qualifications: You will need to register on with your “.edu” school email address to access the products at the student price. Limit one version/discount per person.

  • Nuance – and many of their authorized resellers have the student version of Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Premium, Dragon Dictate and PDF Converter Professional 7 available at up to 50% off for qualifying students and educations.
    • Purchase Qualifications:  You must currently be attending an accredited higher education institution or primary/secondary school.  Verification is completed by a third party:

  • OnOne Software – You can order directly from OnOne Software at discounted student pricing, but you’ll have to do it over the phone during their normal business hours (their number is 1-888-968-1468, extension #4). Discounts vary from $20.00 to $30.00 off on the individual point products, $50.00 off on Perfect Photo Suite 7 Lightroom & Aperture Edition, and $100.00 off on the Perfect Photo Suite 7 Premium Edition.
    • Purchase Qualifications: To qualify, you’ll need to email or fax a copy of your official schedule of classes, copy of a current transcript, tuition receipt for this quarter/semester, or a pay stub (if you are a teacher). Other government entities and non-profit organizations may also qualify.

  • VMware – Several of VMware’s most popular consumer desktop products are available for discounted prices for students when ordering from their official factory store at
    • Purchase Qualifications: To qualify, you will need to provide one of the accepted forms of proof that you are currently an actively enrolled student in an accredited high school, college or university.
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