Quicken 2016 Release Date News & Rumors

quicken 2016 release date new features

Updated November 17th, 2015: Thanks for everyone commenting below and for being on top of the latest Quicken news – Intuit has officially released all of the 2016 versions. You can see this page for all the details on what’s new and improved in the this release (both in Windows and Mac versions).

Did you already buy upgrade? What are your thoughts about the 2016 release?  Let us know in the comments section down below!

Updated November 16th, 2015: Although the 2016 versions of Quicken are not yet available at Intuit’s own store, Amazon has just started selling and shipping all versions and has posted the full product descriptions/2016 changes with each product… best of all, they are all (as you would expect from Amazon) already on sale! Here’s a look at your options:

Most versions are available in either the downloadable format or, if you need the box with installation disc, can be shipped out to you for free. Of course sale prices may change at any time so check out their site for today’s sale price and offer details.

Staples is also having a deal on all of the new 2016 versions of Quicken over the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend (Black Friday!) – Check out page 13 of their ad scan at BlackerFriday.com for sale details.

As soon as Intuit.com updates their store we’ll post more details here on SoftwareVoucher.com.

Updated October 8th, 2015: We just received a forwarded email from one of our readers (thanks Steve!)… It appears that Amazon contacted customers who pre-ordered one of the Quicken 2016 products early (originally with a posted October 4th ship date) with an apology for the delayed released and a $10.00 store credit a make up for it. They also shed some more light on when Quicken 2016 would be released – They quoted a November 18th release date. Here’s the full text copy of the forwarded email we received:


We’re writing about the pre-order referenced above for “Intuit Quicken Deluxe 2016,” scheduled for release on October 4th, 2015. We recently learned that the release date has been postponed to November 18th, 2015. We’re very sorry this happened.

As a result, we’d like to offer you a $10 promotional certificate to apologize for the delay. This amount has been applied to your account and will be automatically applied to your next order that is shipped and sold from Amazon.com.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.


Customer Service Department

If you’ve also received the same email from Amazon or another Quicken reseller then let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the page!

Updated October 2nd, 2015: Thanks to a tip from one of our readers (thanks Brent!), for the first time in at least the last 10 years (and possibly more), it’s been confirmed by Intuit that Quicken 2016 products will be released much later this year… in November! Here’s what they said just a few hours ago:

Quicken 2016 is coming in November! You will see Quicken 2016 for Mac and Windows arriving in time for the start of the 2015 holiday shopping season. We appreciate your continued loyalty and for counting on us to help you stay on top of managing your money.- Kathryn, Quicken Employee

What we don’t know is why we need to wait this long for the 2016 versions, especially given that the release date was previous set for October 4th (as reported from Quicken resellers). As soon as we know more we will update the details here on this page.

Updated October 1st, 2015: October is here but Quicken 2016… is not. We were expecting to see the new products to be released a few days and at the very latest today, but all of Quicken’s resellers and the official store still have the 2015 versions listed. In all the year’s we’ve been tracking Quicken product launches, this is the first time that we’ve not see it out by this time of the year.

So what isn’t it released yet? We have a few theories, but the most probable reason is that it has something to do with the announcement about a month ago that Intuit is planning on selling off a few of their smaller product lines, with one of them being Quicken. While we still hope the new products will be released soon (Amazon originally had an October 4th release date – See below for the links), but it’s hard to say at this point what will happen, into who’s hands Quicken will go to and when, and then what the new owner of the software will decide to do.

As soon as we know more, we will post the news here on SoftwareVoucher.com.

Updated September 28th, 2015: Amazon just removed the Oct 4th ship date from all of their Quicken 2016 pages and released it with a “currently unavailable”. We’ve see Amazon do this in the past on other products right before the ship date so we’re hoping that the new products will be released a few days sooner. If not, then we’re pretty confident that by Thursday (October 1st) it will be officially released by Intuit.

Updated September 16th, 2015: Amazon just posted their pre-order pages for Quicken Deluxe 2016, Premier 2016, Mac 2016, Home & Business 2016, and Rental Property Manager 2016. They have a release date listed as October 4th, 2015 but we expect it to still be available at the end of this month (the last few years we saw the same thing with a Amazon listing an October ship date and then changing it later to the end of September).

Updated August 28th, 2015: We first received an email for one of our readers and now we are reading about it in a Tech Crunch article that Intuit is looking to sell off a few of their business units, including Quicken. Layoffs of 249 employees in the Small Business unit has already begun.

So what does this all mean for the future of Quicken? It’s had to say but it really depends on who picks up Quicken. This could actually be a good thing for Quicken users as a fresh set of eyes and a new set of developers might be able bring back the software to it’s glory days once again. As soon as we know more, we’ll post it here on SoftwareVoucher.com.

In terms of the Quicken 2016 release, it’s likely that the majority of the work was already completed months ago and we expect Intuit to release it, as they have done in the past, by the end of September.

Updated August 25th, 2015:  Look’s like Quicken’s resellers are gearing up for the 2016 release of Quicken. Sam’s Club has posted their pages for Deluxe 2016 and Home & Business 2016, although there are no product images or descriptions available as of yet so we can’t yet report on what’s new and improved in this upcoming release.   Be on the lookout for the 2016 versions released at the end of September.

Updated July 22nd, 2015: For those of you that are interested in Quicken Willmaker, the new 2016 features have just been announced. We’re still waiting on news for the other Quicken products including Deluxe, Premier, and Home & Business.

Willmaker 2016 is not yet on sale but can be pre-ordered at both Amazon and Walmart. We expect it to be out by the end of August.

Here are the major changes coming to Quicken Willmaker 2016:

  • New Summary Screens – As the end of every interview when your finish each section (i.e. Will, Durable Power of Attorney for Finances, Health Care Directive, etc.) you’re now given a summary screen where you can see everything you entered at a glance.
  • Digital Assets Provision for the Will and Durable Power of Attorney for your Finances – You can finally write your detective on what you would like to happen to all of your digital assets. That includes any website/blog material you may have, Linkedin and Facebook pages, digital photographs, etc.
  • A 1-year subscription to Nolo’s Living Trust and access to online forms at nolo.com when you register your product.
  • Various new legal updates, revised information and changes based on changes in current law.

Updated July 21st, 2015: It’s hot outside, with summer in full swing across the country. And it’s that time of the year again where we start our countdown to the 2016 release of Quicken software. Being the software geeks that we are we’re always excited when the updates come around and look forward to reviewing the changes. And after watching Intuit’s releases for the last decade, predicting the next release date is not that difficult as the new versions are usually released around the same time every year. Here are our expectations:

Quicken 2016 versions are expected to be released in the last week of September, 2015.- Expected Quicken 2016 Release Date

We just saw two anomalies last year – One was was Quicken 2015 for Mac was released in mid-August, about 6 weeks before the 2015 PC versions became available. That’s because the mac version wasn’t updated for nearly 7 years and didn’t follow the PC version release date cycle. From what we now know, it will probably be updated with all the other PC versions in the 2016 release cycle.

The second anomaly was that Amazon and several other resellers starting selling the 2015 versions a week before intuit.com had the new versions updated (we usually see things the other way around where resellers get the new software versions later than those offered at the manufacturer’s website).  We’re not sure it this will repeat itself or not this year again.

What do we want to see improved in the 2016 version?

Every year we put this list together and, unfortunately, often some of the same things just keep finding their way on our wish list year after year (here’s our 2015 wish list). Here our some of our top feature and functionally requests for the 2016 release:

  • Mandatory registration: The 2015 version of Quicken saw the implementation of mandatory registration where you need to create an Intuit ID with your email address to actually use the software. In the wake of the Sony cyber attacks and countless of other hacks (Target and Home Depot come to mind as of late), we believe that registration should be optional for those that don’t feel comfortable giving personal info to Intuit (and possibly monitored/marketed to by Intuit).
  • Issues with duplicate transactions: Duplicate transitions or transitions not posting correctly seems one of the top common issues with many Quicken users. The basic problem is that Intuit has tried to make the software as automatic as possible. While that’s great wen things work the way they should, at the same time the software becomes rigid and if by accident transitions that you entered already are re-posted, there’s no easy way to get rid of it. Quicken assumes that the data it downloaded is correct and prevents you from easily deleting it.
  • Forced upgrades: This is something that makes it on our list every year but it’s likely that it won’t go away. Intuit has a discontinuation policy on all Quicken products where the product looses key functionaries about three years after it’s released. So for example, if you buy Quicken 2015 today then on April 30th, 2018 you all your web-based online services like downloading your bank and other financial data, and online bill pay, go away. That sans that if you wont to continue using these key features then you’re forced to upgrade to a newer version.
  • Other little kinks: Some of the other things we would love to see improved are the speed of updating accounts or adding new ones (tends to be slow), adding the ability to use a second currency with Quicken Cloud, compatible with windows XP, and improved features in the mobile app.

What do you want to see changed in Quicken 2016?

What would you like to see changed, improved or added in the 2016 release of Quicken software? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. August 7, 2016


    I don’t trust intuit anymore. I will download what is probably another flawed version of a software that never needed to be changed from the original version. I don’t need a group of computer hacks that probably don’t even have bank accounts making decisions about my finances.

  2. April 7, 2016

    who knows who cares

    So now that Quicken has been sold, have you people found any info on the buyer, or what they plan to do come Oct/Nov of this year?

  3. March 17, 2016


    Crash, report stuff is bogus. Have suggested Q change the “Send Report” box to something you may not want to print. Q isn’t listening. If I entered all the confirm numbers I’ve gotten, your system would crash.

  4. February 21, 2016


    quicken 2016 deluxe sucks

    • March 22, 2016


      AMEN … I agree with you all the way. After the file converted my old (2013) file it is filled with errors (when I validate it) and have lost all my cost for my capital gains stocks I had with Vanguard. When or if I get audited, Quicken will be blamed. Hope I get a pillow in prison!

  5. January 6, 2016


    So far Q2016 isn’t all that different from 2015

    One thing that seems to need work is the tax Planner thing, for one thing it should be a stand alone upgrade able item every year not just the previous year and the new one.

    Another thing with this tax planner, my tax year 2015 shows me owing 156 dollars, when I use the exact figures from my accounts on TurboTax 2016 it comes up me getting back over 2K??? say what?? (and yes the figures were the same on my 2015 Quicken program before I converted the file to the 2016 quicken)

    • January 8, 2016


      groan, ok, ok, I entered a figure as hundreds instead of thousands, lol, I now get back just over 500 from fed, but that’s still way off from what quicken says and what turbo tax says using the same figures.

  6. January 6, 2016

    Bette Aitchison

    Why cant bring up my 2016 Download of Quicken I have also lost all of my previousQuicken information????please respond

  7. December 29, 2015


    I would like to not have to download and learn where they moved things every three years. If Intuit wants to hold my online banking hostage till I pay them more money fine but please just let me continue to use what I have until they actually make some real functional changes to the software. Nobody else does this I’m not even sure how they can get away with it. It would be like buying a car and three years later the dealer takes the engine back until you pay him for the car again.

  8. December 23, 2015

    Elizabeth Hatcher

    I just updated (via download from online) to Quicken DeLuxe 2016. Software still says “Quicken 2015.” That would be fine with me, if one or the other of my printers would respond to the “Print” Command. I wasted less time back in the day when I kept a ledger by hand.

  9. November 20, 2015


    Just downloaded and installed Quicken 2016 Premier on my Windows 10 Pro laptop with no problem. No “disk” used.

  10. November 18, 2015


    Be careful when ordering Quicken 2016 from Amazon if you’re a Win 10 user. Only the disc version is compatible for Win 10. The download version is valid only for Win 8, 7 and Vista. Strange, I know. I verified with Amazon Customer Service at 7:42 a.m. 11/18/15.

    • November 18, 2015


      At least with Quicken 2016 Deluxe Edition

      • November 19, 2015


        Strange that ONLY the Deluxe version would have an install problem, they should all be built with the same installer.

      • November 20, 2015


        Have U tried to run the installer as “administrator”, maybe that might let it install.

    • November 19, 2015


      Strange, so what they gona do about it? I mean a lot of people use the download to get their item. Seems Intuit will have to get on this pretty quick or face a mes of bad press.

      I myself have ordered the Deluex version from a download site, which has just informed me that this was the reason they have held up on making it available. So they would also end up having to refund to people that can now not get it via download.

      So who does Amazon say will have to “fix” this ?

  11. November 17, 2015


    Yes, I’m a gluten for punishment.

    I bough it, it WILL NOT update my Quicken 2015 file. The new Quicken 2016 freezes overtime at the Keychain question. I’ve deleted the keychain elements, doesn’t matter. Just hangs there.

  12. November 17, 2015


    It turns out that Quicken 2016 for Mac still carries the problem that the conversion utility to bring over Windows .QDF files to the .QXF Mac-compatible format doesn´t import any attachments. We would have thought that Intuit would have corrected that problem by now. Not. Very frustrating.

  13. November 16, 2015


    Does anybody know if Quicken 2016 is available as a download form Amazon.com? I don´t see any indication, which is weird.

  14. November 16, 2015


    Wow – doesn’t look like many change/improvements in Quicken 2016…and that’s being generous. Will be interesting to see what Intuit and (verified) customers have to say.

    • November 17, 2015


      Doesn’t surprise me, there wasn’t a lot different from 2012 to 2013, or 2013 to 2014 or 2014 to 2015 either.

      Only thing you seem to gain is the updated tax part, I always said Quicken shoud just let people update that small part each year.

  15. November 16, 2015

    Jacob Pankowski

    Amazon is now showing all of the 2016 versions available for purchase. I just purchased Quicken for Mac 2016 and it is scheduled for delivery today, Nov. 16.

    • November 16, 2015


      Thanks for the update Jacob – We’re updating the post as we speak!

      • November 16, 2015


        Where is the Quicken 2016 for Mac link? You listed it in the email blast I got, but you’ve removed it from this page. Is that not yet available in download format?

        • November 16, 2015


          Hi Ed – My bad, forgot to included it in there. It’s there now 🙂

  16. November 2, 2015


    Quicken support again confirms that @016 Quicken for MAC will be released within one month.

  17. October 31, 2015


    How about the Mobile app that works with Windows Mobile device…

  18. October 25, 2015


    A Spell check would be nice.

  19. October 7, 2015



    We’re writing about the pre-order referenced above for “Intuit Quicken Deluxe 2016,” scheduled for release on October 4th, 2015. We recently learned that the release date has been postponed to November 18th, 2015. We’re very sorry this happened.

    As a result, we’d like to offer you a $10 promotional certificate to apologize for the delay. This amount has been applied to your account and will be automatically applied to your next order that is shipped and sold from Amazon.com.

    We look forward to seeing you again soon.


    Customer Service Department

  20. October 6, 2015

    Angie Waldauer

    I would like for the savings goal screen to look like it used to. It looks awful in 2015 and is hard to use!

  21. October 2, 2015


    Was hoping for an any day now release. Want to cutover from Quicken Win to the Mac — but don’t want to buy it now and then get hit for a new purchase a month from now. Guess I just have to wait to make the decision (or go to iBank)

    • October 5, 2015


      I had been using iBank for about 7 years (and I used Quicken for 20 years before that on windows). I strongly recommend that you not jump to iBank lightly. At least not if investment tracking is important to you and especially not if you’re already using Quicken on Windows.

      I’d recommend just waiting for Quicken 2016 and then at least do trial versions of each before you decide. Don’t jump the gun.

  22. October 2, 2015


    Quicken community site now says it will not be available until November

  23. September 30, 2015


    Would be nice if it worked with their paytrust.com product. However, if they are selling, I suppose that will never happen.

  24. September 29, 2015


    My wife and I work for the same firm so we have separate 401k plans through the same financial institution (Fidelity). We have never been able to download transactions for both accounts at once with one step update. We have to disable one of the accounts so the other will download. Very tedious, and we’ve been requesting this be corrected since Quicken 2010!

  25. September 25, 2015


    I want it to work with Windows 10 – Quicken 2015 would load but not open so had to ask for refund. Love Quicken but want to get rid of desktop and go just laptop which means purchasing something compatible with Windows 10 – Please…

  26. September 24, 2015


    When typing in the check register; check # — the edit list pops up, but blocks the sight of what I’m entering; same with payee — memorized list pops up (which is good), but blocks the sight so you’re not sure what will appear until you tab across.

    Action — simply have drop down Edit List and Memorized List appear elsewhere to the right and above or below in the screen.

  27. September 22, 2015


    What they really need to include is drag and drop attachments. The current process of attaching statements and receipts is brutally painful, slow and inefficient.

  28. September 4, 2015


    I would like to see improved handling of investment accounts (like a 401k) that contains multiple mutual funds. They do not get it right for several brokerages like Vanguard but Schwab is fine.

  29. August 30, 2015

    Ray Thompson

    I would like to see support for high density screens. I have a Surface Pro 3 and all menu items are almost too small to read. Some of the dialog boxes the text is too large, others the text is too small. Support for high density screens should be a requirement as users move to high density screens such as are appearing on various devices.

    I would also like to see alignment for individual fields when printing checks. As it currently works I have to pick an alignment for a check that is close. However some fields do not align properly while others are OK.

    Along with that it would be nice if Quicken could print the entire check including the MICR line. That would allow the purchase of blank check stock and all printing done by Quicken. There is no longer a requirement for actual magnetic ink in the MICR line as all checks are now scanned and the MICR line read by optical, not magnetic, scanners. Printing blank check stock with a laser or inkjet printer works just fine.

    Quicken does work on W10 without issue. I have been using Quicken since 1991 and at one time was a beta tester for Quicken in the 1990-1999 time frame. I have transactions since January 1, 1991.

    • September 13, 2015

      Dennis Mahoney

      I returned a Lenovo Yoga 3 to Best Buy for that very reason. Later, when I had similar problems with another computer I heard that the problem could be fixed by checking the Disable the display scaling setting on the Compatibility tab of the Properties.

  30. August 27, 2015


    the IOS App is useless for me, I don’t use it, I can get better data from Mint. Mint tracks more accounts. The issue I have with the IOS app is it always inserts data that I don’t want inserted. I’d like to at least see an option to prompt me if it finds transactions it wants to put in Quicken and allow me to say insert it or not.

  31. August 27, 2015


    When you download transactions from the banks, the memo field is filled in with mostly meaningless data. I’d like to see an option to not fill in the memo field when you download transactions.

  32. August 27, 2015


    I’d like to see them fix the year end archive. I haven’t been able to archive my data in many years. It stopped working when you use transfers between accounts. I’ve been complaining every year about it and they still haven’t fixed it.

  33. August 27, 2015


    I’d like to see a true budgeting tool. One that isn’t confusing, useless and stupid. I’d also like to see some true programmers rewrite the code for this software instead of just throwing yearly patches to correct code that was probably written 10+ years ago and now probably thrown out to some group of off-shore programmers just to keep it on life support in order to swindle money from us.

  34. August 25, 2015


    Based on my observations from past few years, Quicken DESKTOP RELEASES (I am not talking of the mobile apps which are very much welcome but only for the desktop versions) has not been very aggressive in coming up with new features in new versions and it is mostly a cosmetic exercise for the desktop version at least. I feel that there are real “genuine value addition” features that Quicken can add to the desktop version to make it extremely more powerful than what it already is. To be honest, there are some new features like Debt Reduction Planner and for Budget and related reports, but that is about it. In a way, these are very useful features. But if you think from a different perspective, people who use Quicken “religiously” are according to my personal opinion, much less likely to go overboard with their finances or take too much of debt. At the same time, there will be at least a sizable amount of people who use Quicken to manage and grow their investments by using Quicken investment features and reports. There might be many others whose use is limited to day to day balancing of their accounts. Hence, it is in the best interest of everyone that all categories of features of Quicken are improved over time and not only selected categories.

    The features that I am missing most in Quicken Premier (or all versions till 2015 Premier) are related with Investments.

    – No support for few widely used asset classes in its naming convention. e.g. Most stocks fall under Small Cap, Large Cap and “Mid Cap”. Quicken does not have provision for “Mid Cap” until now. In fact, Quicken mentions in its Help File that mid cap is not supported and also gives reason for doing so.

    – No support for asset classes like Commodities, Currencies etc. (at least not that I am aware of).

    Investment Transactions Features
    – Setting High and Low alerts for each stock which could be triggered to remind the investor that it might be time to sell/buy the specific stock. This is similar to the other alerts which remind users when account balances go over or under a specified limit.

    – Using Tags for specific transactions and allowing saved reports, portfolio views etc. to use the tag as a filtering criteria (e.g. I can use this to tag transactions that I have done using lumpsum payments vis-a-vis automatic investments done every month or for tagging transactions to indicate that they have been done during a huge market crash vis-a-vis at other times. When I take report to find returns for these tagged transactions, I will be able to find returns for lumpsum transactions, transactions during huge stock market crash etc. or even exclude them from reports so that I get a better view of returns in normal times etc.)
    It should be possible to assign multiple tags if required. This is very much similar to the normal bank account register tags usage.

    International Stock Prices Support
    – People who reside in USA also have investments in other countries, particularly for people who have come from other countries. e.g. A lot of people are from outside USA. They do manage both their USA investments and non USA investments using Quicken. However, no support to download stock, mutual fund and other stock prices or asset classes and other fundamental data for stocks/mutual funds traded in any other country is available yet.

    – No support for transactions carried out on Margin for derivative products like futures and options. (i.e. I want to find the absolute gain/loss, ROI%, ARR etc. for the actual amount that I have used in margin transactions (margin amount) rather than the total contract value.

    On reports and portfolio views front,

    Saved Reports
    In readily available or customizable (saved) reports and graphs,

    – I can use average annualized return for ALL dates but I do not have option to use Absolute Gain/Loss or ROI% as a field for display.

    – Fields cannot be sorted. e.g. I cannot sort a report by ARR field and have to go through entire report to find the highest and lowest ARR return.

    – I cannot filter out or include “Closed lots” like the Portfolio view. It would be nice to have a facility which provides a mechanism to include all stocks in the report where current holding is 0. (Closed lots). It should also be possible to include all stocks in the report where current holding is > 0 (Currently held stocks). e.g. When I use Reports/Investing/Capital Gains report and Customize this report, then go to Securities tab, it has “Select Securities” on left hand side and it shows on right hand side a box which says “Matching , Security contains”. This is used for finding all securities with a specific string or characters in it(e.g. Apple will be selected in report but not Microsoft when I type A here. Similarly, if I type M here, Microsoft will be selected but not Apple). Although this is useful, the more useful filtering criteria could be to select Security contains to specify holdings for the selected securities in the Accounts selected in the Accounts Tab. This should ideally allow to enter (= 0, Greater Then 0, Less Then 0, Not Equal to 0 etc.). This can then be used to report all securities that I am currently holding (> 0), all securities that I have already sold out completely (= 0 or closed lots in other words). In today’s day and age when markets are pretty volatile, it is very important to know what your returns are on your current holdings (as you can probably do something about it) versus returns for securities that are completely sold out (not much chance to take any action here as these securities are no longer available in the portfolio). Currently, I do this manually by selecting / deselecting securities that I hold / have sold out everytime I buy or sell securities and want to see this report.

    – Last but not the least, the report layout on screen should be changed to make it more appealing and conforming to Windows standards. (Sorting, Changing the column positions by dragging and dropping them etc.)

    Investment (Portfolio views),
    – I can use absolute gain/loss and ROI but I cannot use average annualized return for ALL dates. I can use ARR only for a specific number of years.

    – It should be possible by user to define a specific asset allocation across different security types as also different asset classes and generate an AUTOMATIC alert if the asset allocation deviates from the user defined one and also have a tolerance limit which is again user definable) so that the alert gets generated only if the asset allocation falls outside the user-defined range (including tolerance limits). A limited way of doing this is available in ideal portfolio view.

    – Number of custom views should be increased.

    What-If Analysis
    As of now, Quicken does not have many features for what-if analysis for Investment.

    e.g. What will be my investment performance (ARR%, ROI%, Return or anything that can be measured using Saved Reports or Portfolio Views in Quicken etc.) be if

    – If all the stocks/mutual funds etc. that I hold increase / decrease by n%. (I can use this to see how my returns will be affected to check if each stock increases by 5%, 10%, 20% or -5%, -10%,-20% etc.

    – Instead of a fixed value of n% that is applied for all stocks or from a stock specific application, if a percentage can be assigned to stocks of a specific sector (e.g. all Automobile stocks may increase/decrease by n% whereas all Bank stocks increase/decrease by m%). Currently, I do this by copying the existing Quicken file with a different name and changing the security prices in the new file.

    For this, there also has to be a way of downloading / assigning a specific sector for each stock or sector-mix for each mutual fund. (Currently, I use Investment Goal to assign a sector to Security and this is limited to 15 only.)

    Wishing Intuit and Mint all the very best for future. Also wishing Quicken desktop a special all the very best for future versions and hoping to see all of above and even more features in coming versions.

    • September 30, 2015


      What is the best reference you’ve found? i’m facing many investment challenges – namely that my quicken return calculations don’t map to what my financial institutions report on quarter-end/year-end documents. I know something is wrong somewhere – but haven’t been able to determine what.

  35. August 21, 2015


    I would like Intuit to finally get a Windows Phone app. With Windows 10 now out, and a new porting capability from Android to Windows, this should be no problem.

    The required User ID is a concern with respect to security and safety of information. As long as this is required by Quicken, I will not use the Quicken Cloud. That is just opening up a can of worms.

  36. August 20, 2015


    How about spell check?

  37. August 20, 2015

    William Simpson

    Year end copy that actually works as it should . . I still have entries going back to 2009

  38. August 18, 2015


    I would like to see simple scrolling with the finger as in most software

  39. August 18, 2015


    Bill Pay and same functionality as Windows Home & Business. I am a long term Quicken user who converted to Mac 8 or 9 years ago. I am forced to run Windows as a VMWare Fusion virtual machine to run Quicken Home & Business. Needless to say I am very disappointed in Intuit for not providing Apple Quicken products with the same functionality as Quicken Windows versions. At the same time Intuit did a great job with Turbotax support on an Apple platform.

  40. August 17, 2015


    I’ve been using Quicken since the early 1990’s. With 2015, I got frustrated because my main user account on my computer would not allow me to use Quicken with their new sign on process. I called Intuit and after hours of “help” they couldn’t offer a solution. I created a secondary user and that work.
    One of the basic functions of cut and paste often don’t work properly in Quicken. It’s been that way for a few years.

  41. August 15, 2015


    I really would like to see additional tabs on the account bar,
    that would have the tab for insurance policies, that would interface with the transactions of last payment and renewal dates and so forth, and other facets associated with insurance policies.
    Then another tab to keep track of warranties of items purchase and rebates on items as well.

    • August 17, 2015

      Larry Lane


      Those are awesome ithoughts for Quicken. Warranty tracking and Insurance policies.

      I use a spreadsheet and hardcopies in a folder. All are cumbersome to maintain.

      Thank You,


  42. August 13, 2015


    RSU support!!

  43. August 12, 2015


    Make the MAC and PC versions work in the same way. Currently the MAC 2015 version does not do so. In fact this is a major reason why so many MAC users stay away.

  44. August 9, 2015


    Make it work better with DropBox or Google Drive. I always get Backup Errors like “Unable to open source file”, “Quicken cannot open the data file because it is in use by some other application”, “Unable to reload current file after copy” Have not had a good backup in months.

    • August 17, 2015


      When I first started using Google Drive a few years ago, I also tried putting my QDATA file in Google Drive to keep it backed up, but it caused major sync issues. Google support said that Google Drive is not intended for program files. I’m sure this has to do with the volume and frequency of changes made to a program file as opposed to a document. Quicken is constantly writing to the QDATA file, so basically, Google Drive cannot keep up. I ended up removing the Quicken files from Google Drive and use Carbonite for backup.

    • August 17, 2015


      I find that if I reboot, then immediately start Quicken, I am able to do a backup without getting the dreaded “unable to open source file” message.

  45. August 9, 2015


    I’ve been so disgusted with Quicken since 2010 I’d almost like to see it GO AWAY!

    I have been a user since 1997 and I’m really disgusted with Quicken and their “customer support”.

    My restorations of backups don’t carry over my reconciliations of my checking accounts – so I’d LOVE to see that get corrected.

    I also hate it when the credit card transactions stop downloading – I don’t know whose end it’s on – the credit card co (for instance, Discover a few years back & most recently Chase) or Quicken – making they’re dicking the credit card companies as hard as they’re dicking us…

  46. August 9, 2015


    Would like to have quicken download the e-bills automatically so they can be stored. And fix the bugs, having big issues with file corruption for some reason. Been using quicken since the early days, been through a lot of versions, I believe 2015 is the worst.

  47. August 8, 2015


    Stability and reliability! Release R6 for Quicken 2015 was a total disaster, which caused us hours of reconstructing our database. I can’t say that Release R8 is great, but at least it works without locking us out every time we try to enter the program.

    As an aside, we had a bug in our backups that wouldn’t allow us to simply restore our files after the R6 disaster, which led to the complete rebuild. What a waste of a weekend!

    Also, as another noted, store the attachments elsewhere, not with the primary data. This leads to a massively bloated data file, which is absurd.

  48. August 8, 2015


    Quicken has Realy Screwed up The Attachments They Went from good to bad.
    I Would like to be abel to Scan Pdf doc right from Quicken.
    All images or documents Should Take the name form The Transaction and put in to Folder That Can only be Viewed or Copy, But not modify unless you go back toThe Source.
    Example: Name Date Accu Amount +- (1) if more than

  49. August 2, 2015


    UNDO!!! How many times have I clicked on something and Quicken screws up months or years of entries. Then I have to go back manually and repair all the damage. A simple Control Z would have saved me countless hours of damage control.

  50. August 2, 2015

    Keith Brandt

    I would like to see a Quicken program that does not corrupt your data, lock you out of your file and it just plan works. I ask for this year after year, and don’t get it. Features as is, is fine, just fix your program so it works.

  51. July 26, 2015

    Robert Young Jr

    I wish pocket quicken will include all the accounts in the regular quicken. It should also allow multi currency accounts.

  52. July 25, 2015

    bob jutzi

    As of the 2015 release, I no longer am a Quicken user. I have used the software since the 2000 release. Improvements that might persuade me to again use Quicken include scrapping that stupid login requirement simply for me to use Quicken, and make the software more accessible for those of us using screen readers such as JAWS. I am visually impaired and have been able to make basic use of Quicken in the past; however, this might be difficult for new visually impaired users.

    • August 2, 2015



      What are you using now? I’m not visually impaired, but like many people, have been using Quicken for over a decade (1997 for me). Since about 2004 or 2005, the product started a steep decline is stability and functionality which seems to be getting steeper and faster every year. I would love to find a good replacement for it. Of course, I’m writing this as I’m again validating (and probably super-validating) my data file.

  53. July 24, 2015

    Don McLean

    I would like to be able to access each account by typing in the first letter of the account and then hitting Enter to open the account. I hate using the mouse to enter data. Both of these features were available on much earlier versions of Quicken.

  54. July 19, 2015


    An Escrow type account that is tied to a mortgage/property type account. Also an Escrow Disclosure Statement type report that helps estimate your next years mortgage payment based on the current years Escrow payouts.

  55. July 18, 2015


    Scheduled transactions to behave differently if it falls on a weekend. You should be able to select preceeding Friday or Following Monday.

  56. July 17, 2015

    Thomas Long

    I like to see the Loan featured to be enhanced to handle special loans such as 401K. Very clugy now. Also see the 401K have matching rules for paychecks. Not every company follows a straight match.. My company matches up to 6% at 90%.. However I contribute 8%., while my wife is 6% at 100%..

  57. July 17, 2015


    Windows 10 mobile app. I have been using Quicken almost as long (October 1990) as I have been using MS Windows. It is time for a Quicken universal app!

  58. July 14, 2015

    John Newman

    As a dual citizen of the US and Canada, I am forced to use a separate version of Quicken for the US and Quicken for Canada. I am even forced to install the second version of Quicken on a virtual server because the US and Canada versions will not install on the same partition. I would like to see a version of Quicken that handles both US and Canada. At a minimum, could we please allow the installation of these two versions on the same partition. I have made this request to their customer service, but it falls on deaf ears.

  59. June 29, 2015


    Using Quicken 2013 through end of the year. If Quicken 2016 doesn’t support cloud, Windows phone, etc., I will dump Quicken permanently. Already using Mint.

  60. June 23, 2015

    Steve Fox

    I would like to see an undo feature. I know backup/restore can be used if I remember to make a backup.

  61. June 17, 2015

    Luther Strasburg

    Currently on Quicken 2013. Waiting for a better way to handle monthly Pension/IRA distributions. Would like to see a form much like the PayCheck wizard to handle the withholding etc easily.

  62. June 12, 2015


    I am still not interested in Quicken for Mac until it contains BillPay.

  63. June 11, 2015


    Looking forward to 2016 and hoping that it includes a yearly budget feature. Budgeting was one of the most used parts of our family using 2007 Quicken.

    • September 27, 2015


      Intuit is selling the entire Quicken unit so there’s absolutely no incentive or expectation of any improvements until the sale is consummated. That’s assuming the purchaser intends to invest significantly to bring QW up-to-date.

      If budget planning is what you’re looking for, this is one of THE BEST which I’ve come across — and BUDGET PLANNING is all they do!


      • March 15, 2016


        Maybe this is why the functionality and friendliness of usage has deteriorated so badly – ne ownership? Even the descriptions and instructions are so bad tghat they are inscrutable, difficult nd time consuming to read.
        An I too long for a Canadian Mac version.
        Am I wrong-I have a belief that when a new app is brought out, over the next version or two thee bugs are fixed and then a few bells and whistles actually function and we have version that works, easy to use and does pretty much what you want. Then busybodies keep twirking, inventing new falderal that clutters the app but seems to have the object of requiring the consumer to buy a new version. They have spoiled a perfectly good thing, just like you need a new hardware item the day that the appliance breaks down and the warranty expires? Apple and Microsoft seem to be on the gravy train of planned obsolescence.

  64. June 3, 2015


    Would be nice to have a Quicken for Mac – Canada version, which allows for Canadian taxes, stock entries, etc.

  65. June 2, 2015


    I was so excited about Quicken for Mac because I know a lot of people who love Quicken. It turned out that they were all on Windows. Quicken for Mac 2015 lacks so many features and seems to have a lot of synching kinks. I’m just generally hoping for some improvements that will take this beyond a fancy spreadsheet. In particular, the credit score feature, bill pay, and better syncing.

  66. May 20, 2015


    I still use Quicken Home and Business 2010 because of the Cash Flow Forecast option. It lets me see my income and expenses with a line graph. The nice thing about it is I can project future purchases without going over budget

  67. May 20, 2015


    Mobile Companion app that works with Windows Mobile…

  68. May 17, 2015


    I want to see an online version of the home and business version of Quicken so I can access my file from the cloud.

  69. May 17, 2015


    would like to see a Linux version sometime in the future.

  70. May 7, 2015

    Jeannine Frattali-Koskey

    I would love to see a web based version of Quicken Home and Business so my husband and I can both see what’s going on. The phone app just doesn’t cut it. It doesn’t reflect the information correctly and MINT is too hard to work with regarding the categories and making changes…

  71. May 6, 2015

    Daniel Tanguay

    Store receipts to Evernote NOT the database file (gets to big and cloud backup has to upload every time.).

    • July 27, 2015


      *too big…

  72. May 3, 2015


    I would like to see Savings Goals sync with the mobile app. I use Savings Goals line envelopes for an envelopes-type budgeting system and would love to see how much I have currently in my Savings Goals on my mobile device.

  73. May 1, 2015


    Would like to see a more robust investment section for traders.

  74. April 12, 2015


    I have Quicken 2015 on my PC. I bought an IMAC this year and bought Quicken2015 for it. I simply cannot use it on my Apple Computer. It does not work anything like the PC version, and I find it completely unacceptable. It is too bad.

    • May 2, 2015



      We’ve used Parallels on our iMac for 5 years now and stay with the PC Quicken versions. MUCH BETTER than their mac quicken. Will have to upgrade our Quicken 2013 next year.

  75. April 5, 2015

    Peter Collins

    I still use Microsoft Money. I tried Quicken 2015. I was VERY surprised to find it not much advanced over my 2009 Micro Money. I am remaining with Micro Money until Quicken comes up with a SIGNIFICANTLY better system. Usually when I update to other software after only a year or two, I find important improvements, making previous versions seem inadequate.

  76. March 28, 2015


    Mileage tracking on the phone app would be a great addition with the Rental Property version of Quicken.

    I’d also be very appreciative if Quicken worked t reducing the number of bugs. I’m still on Quicken RPM 2014 and even after 8 updates it still crashes when trying to view the rental property income in the Rent Center. I flat out refused to purchase 2015 after such a horrible and buggy experience with 2014. At least I’ve figured out work arounds for most of the bugs in 2014!!!

  77. March 22, 2015


    I would like to see them resurrect the old Quicken Health program and integrate it, so I can keep track of the millions of bills I get for medical claims. I can never tell if I am getting double charged, what was covered, what was paid, what I owe, and if a payment crossed a bill in the mail. They have the code already, just add a tab.. (I know it’s not that simplistic, but still, it would be huge, and probably increase sales).

  78. March 12, 2015

    Chas Topkis

    I would like a tab in Quicken to keep track of insurance policies; specifically life insurance. I would like to record policy number, company, terms, beneficiaries, renewal or expiration dates etc. Quicken does a good job of keeping all of ones financial details together except for this one oversight.

  79. March 1, 2015


    I would like to see quicken to be able to do a better job at a Zero Based Budget system similar to http://www.youneedabudget.com/. I have started Financial Peace University from Dave Ramsey and I learned that using a zero based budget system gives every cent that you earn a job and helps you avoid the extra spending allowing you to take that extra money and put it to work and get out of debt.

    • June 9, 2015



  80. March 1, 2015

    David Schumacher

    In the Investments/Enter Transactions/Reinvest-Income Reinvested dialog, on entering the number of shares the dialog should allow you to enter the price per share and calculate the total amount of the dividend. I have to do this separately with a calculator since my statements do not give the total amount for reinvested dividends. Quicken does the calulation for you in other dialogs under Enter Transactions.

  81. February 28, 2015


    All the features of quicken 2012 were good enough for me… Just a better iPhone app/syncing.

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