Quicken 2014 Review – What’s new? Should you upgrade?

Quicken 2014 review
Earlier this month Quicken released their all new 2014 versions of Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business, and Rental Property Manager for PC (the Mac version remains unchanged). For those considering Quicken for the first time or looking to upgrade from an older version, the 2014 editions bring some compelling new features, especially if you’re running a copy from a few years ago. Let’s take a look at what’s new and improved this year.

What’s new in Quicken 2014?

Besides the typically tweaks here and there, several major enhancements and new features have found their way into this release of Quicken.

  • Snap and store receipts – Most of us use our credit or debit cards when shopping around town, but there are always times when we end up paying cash for something (for me, it’s usually at Costco where they don’t let me pay with my points Visa credit card). Well now rather than collecting all of these receipts and manually entering them into Quicken at home, there’s an app that let’s you take a picture of your receipt and will automatically save your purchase information into Quicken once you sync back up into the software. Besides the snap and store receipts feature, the app takes your desktop information with you on your phone wherever you go so you’ll always have your money matters on hand to help you make the right decisions. This app is available for free in the Apple iTunes Store (for iPhone and iPad), Google Play app store (for Android) and the Amazon App Store (also for Android devices). Unfortunately, this app is not compatible with Quicken for Mac software.

quicken 2014 snap and store receipts

  • Enjoy faster and improved mobile app syncing – For anyone using the 2013 version of Quicken, you know that syncing to your mobile device was often a slow process. Well, Quicken listened to customer feedback and has cut down the syncing process from minutes to a mere few seconds. So wherever you are and on the go, you’ll have all of your latest account balances and personal budgets synced between your PC computer, Mac or Android tablet, and smart phone.

mobile app syncing

  • Much easier to pay outstanding bills – The 2014 versions of Quicken now lets you add and view bill reminders directly from your Quicken register. When it’s time to pay, you’re just a click away. It’s a helpful feature for those of us that sometimes forget to pay a bill on time and just stuck with late fees.

quicken bill pay

How much will Quicken cost me this year?

Intuit slightly raised their MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) for the 2014 versions, but only by about $5.00 on every version. But we were able to secure an instant special offer code for the official Quicken Store to help you save $10.00 on your order so you’re still ahead on this one.

Which version should I choose?

Quicken has six different versions to choose from this year (5 for PC and 1 for Mac) depending on your financial tracking needs. Below you’ll see you’re options for the top three best sellers and what’s included in each version.

quicken 2014 comparison

Should I upgrade from an older version?

The answer to this question is entirely up to you and really depends on what you’re using now. If you’re on the 2013 edition, then we would say that you could probably skip out on this one and wait for and see what comes in the 2015 version. If you are still running a 2012 or older version of Quicken software, then we would say that you might want to consider upgrading as you’ll get a lot on new features and enhancements to simplify and speed up your work flow. It’s also worth noting that since the initial release of the 2014 editions, Quicken has made an update to the software to help solve a few bugs that were reported by users who ordered the software right at the release (you’ll see a few of these issues when reading user reviews on Amazon).

Is there a free trial version available?

Ah, this is one of our most common questions here at Software Voucher. Surprisingly, Quicken does not offer free trial downloads for any of their products. Why? We’re not so sure. However, if you decide to buy any of the 2014 versions you will be covered by a full 60-day money back guarantee. Best of all, the guarantee applies to all official Intuit resellers. For example, if you decide to pick up a copy at Best Buy, where they do not accept returns on opened software, then you simply complete the return on Intuit.com. The process usually takes just a few days before you’re refunded your purchase price. So now there you have no risk in trying the new 2014 versions for yourself.

Questions? quicken authorized partner

Let us know your thoughts below!

  1. March 1, 2014

    Charlotte M

    I upgraded to Quicken 2014 yesterday. I have Windows XP. I couldn’t back up to my Quicken online account. After being on a chat help conversation for 30 minutes and being unable to resolve the problem, the support tech had me uninstall and reinstall the ON line Back up. IT worked and all was well, I thought. This morning when I went to update my accounts in quicken and download them from my back into quicken, when I clicked on download now (through my bank’s website, which is my normal practice), the Quicken program shut down, totally disappeared from my screen. So I though maybe with the new version I must do an update through the Quicken software. When I tried that, the very same thing happened. The whole program disappeared from my screen. This is very frustrating.

  2. February 5, 2014

    Bryan B

    Why does Quicken hate Mac users? I so desperately want to give them my money, they just don’t seem to want it. Oh well.

  3. January 24, 2014

    D'Ellis Green, Jr.

    Purchased Quicken 2014 from Intuit.
    Uninstall previous Quicken, Documents will be saved. No problem.
    Install Quicken 2014. No problem.
    Update Quicken 2014. Have been trying for 4 days to get past this point. It says that it may take a few minutes; however, the time that I am waiting exceeds 45 minutes and does not finish. Does anyone have a fix?

    Thanks D’E$llis

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