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Hide Quickbooks Pro 2017 Coming Soon: The all new 2017 desktop versions of Quickbooks are expected to be released by the end of September, 2016. We are tracking all of the latest news and rumors for the next release so be sure to see what’s coming. Otherwise, you’ll find all of the remaining deals on the 2016 versions down below!

Page updated on Aug 17, 2016

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  • QuickBooks Pro 2016 by Intuit

Our Most Popular Deal!

  • Get 50% OFF!
    Get up to 50% off QuickBooks Online.
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  • A few years ago Intuit introduced online versions of QuickBooks. Fast-forward to today and now 3 out of 4 customers choose the online versions over the traditional desktop ones. To help new customers get on board and switch to the online versions, Intuit is discounting QuickBooks Online Essentials by 30% and QuickBooks line Plus by 40% for your first 6 months with them (and no long term contract is required – you can cancel anytime!). And if you decide to get it with Payroll, it’s 50% off for the first 6 months. The online editions of QuickBooks boasts many of the same features as found in QuickBooks Pro except that it’s all web-based. So now regardless of where you are, the computer (PC or Mac) or device that you’re using, you can access all of your QuickBooks data securely in the cloud.  Plus, no need for backing up your data as it’s done automatically for you and you’re always on the latest versions of QuickBooks so no need to pay every few years for costly upgrades.
  • This offer will expire on August 30, 2016.

An official Intuit Software Reseller.

  • Get $110 OFF!
    Save on QuickBooks 2016 at Amazon.
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  • Now that we are a few months after QuickBooks Pro 2016 was released, Amazon has begun aggressively discounting all of the newest versions. You’ll be able to either pick up a boxed copy of the software or the download version of Pro 2016 for up to 37% off the list price. That’s a savings of around $110.00 off the list price. Plus all boxed versions include free shipping under their free super saver shipping offer. Just remember that prices and availability tend to vary and this offer can expire or change at any time, without notice. Be sure to visit for more offer details.
  • Sale prices and participation will vary.

QuickBooks 2016 Desktop Version

  • Get $100 OFF!
    On QuickBooks Pro Desktop/CD 2016.
  • Apply Coupon
  • QuickBooks 2016 is new but that doesn;t mean you need to pay full price as the official QuickBooks Store at has given us some special deals: Between now and the end of the month you can save $100.00 on the QuickBooks Pro 2016 or $150.00 on Premier 2016. This instant coupon is applied automatically to your order when you click through the above link (you’ll see the list price of $299.95 on Pro will be crossed out and the sale price posted at $199.95). This offer is available to both new and existing QuickBooks users. You must be ordering from a U.S. address to be able to take advantage of this deal.
  • This offer expires August 30, 2016.

The QuickBooks-TurboTax Bundle

  • Tax Bundle
    The QuickBooks-TurboTax bundle deal.
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  • This is a new bundle deal that just came to us – For $14.99/month you’ll be able to get the Self-Employed version of QuickBooks Online (a $9.99/month value) and file your taxes this year through TurboTax Home & Business once tax season rolls around. This is actually a pretty good deal considering that filing with Home & Business alone usually costs upwards of $100.00 with all the changes included. With your membership you’ll also be able to use TurboTax throughout the year to pay your quarterly estimated taxes online. If you’re already using another version of QuickBooks, you should be able to import all your existing data if you decide to make the switch.
  • This is an ongoing offer – No expiration.

Qualifies for the Low Price Guarantee

  • Price Match
    Available at your local Staples.
  • Get this Deal
  • Staples often has QuickBooks Pro on sale with “special buy” pricing both in-store and at on both Mac and Windows versions. But if you happen to see that Staples’ price is higher than one of their authorized competitors then be sure to take advantage of their low price guarantee. And if the price goes down right after you purchase a copy of QuickBooks (must be on the list of stores that they price match against to) then they will also pay you back the difference. This is a limited time offer on current inventory and certain restrictions will apply so be sure to see the posted terms and conditions at for more details.
  • get the low price guarantee

Try QuickBooks Online Free

  • Free Trial
    Try QuickBooks Online for Free.
  • Learn More
  • Although the desktop version of QuickBooks Pro 2016 does not have a free trial available, you can test out the all latest QuickBooks Online versions for free for 30 days.  The Online versions of QuickBooks have many of the same features as the boxed versions except that it’s all web-based. That means that there is no software to install and you can access your finances from any internet connected computer or device. Plus, if you sign up for it this month, you’ll get up to 40% off your first 6-months of service. It’s also a great option for those considering upgrading to QuickBooks 2016 from any of the older desktop version. Follow the above link to learn more and for additional details.
  • Open to all who haven’t yet tested QuickBooks Online.

Exclusive Warehouse Offer

  • Costco Deal
    Costco members save on QuickBooks.
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  • Costco members can now get over $100.00 off instantly QuickBooks Pro (no coupon book needed!).  While physical copies of QB is not available year-round at most store locations, you can pick up a copy through and they will ship it to your house for free. Just remember that you will need to have an active Costco membership to shop at Costco or If shopping at their online store for the first time, you will be required to create a new account and validate your membership prior to purchase.
  • An ongoing member-only discount.

Intuit's Money Back Guarantee

  • Guarantee
    60-day money back guarantee from Intuit.
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  • Unlike most software companies, Intuit does not product free trials on any of their 2016 Windows-based QuickBooks Desktop software. It’s a shame because if you’ve never used it before, it’s hard to pull the trigger and purchase something you’ve never tried. However, they make up for it by having a very generous return policy. You have a full 60 days to request for a refund. And best of all, the return policy extends to any authorized reseller of the software. So for example, if you bought your copy of QuickBooks Pro 2016 it from Best Buy the store won’t take it back the opened box but Intuit will. Just be sure to see the full return policy details at
  • quickbooks money back guarantee

What about any student discounts for QuickBooks Pro 2016?

Well, you’re out of luck on this one.  Intuit is one of the few software companies that we track that does not offer special savings for students or university facility members.  Whenever there are sales or coupon codes, they are available to everyone. If you happen to be student and can either provide proof that your currently enrolled in classes (either with a student ID or official school “.edu” email address), then you can get up to 80% off select software titles. See our entire list of software manufactures and resellers that have exclusive pricing for students and teachers.

How do I activate a QuickBooks Pro coupon?

You’ll find that most, if not all, coupons for orders made directly at are “instant” deals. This means that the advertised discount is automatically activated and applied to your order when you follow our “get this deal” link. See below for an example on how to take advantage of these types of promotions.

  • Step 1: For this example we will use a 40% off offer on Quickbooks Online Plus which happens to be one of our most popular deals from Intuit. You’ll see that no physical codes are listed in the description, just an “apply code” link.  Just remember that each offer has a posted expiration date listed below the description.

Quickbooks 2016 Discount - Example 1

  • Step 2: Once you follow the apply code link, a new window will appear and you’ll be taken directly to the QuickBooks store.  Once here, you’ll see a few products listed with the original price crossed out and the new sale price now listed. Because the code was activated automatically through the link, there is no need to enter any additional coupons at checkout to take advantage of the best price available.

Quickbooks 2016 Discount - Example 2

  • Step 3: After you make your selection, continue the checkout process.  After you complete your order you’ll be ready to get started and/or import your existing data into your new version of QuickBooks.

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When will QuickBooks Pro 2017 be released?

We're tracking all of the latest release date news and rumors for the upcoming launch of QuickBooks 2017. We expect it to see QuickBooks Pro and all the other 2017 versions to be announced in late-September, 2016. Be sure to check back here at Software Voucher for more details as we get closer to the release.

Where can I find the free trial download of QuickBooks Pro?

Unfortunately, there are no free trials available for QuickBooks Pro. However, Intuit, the manufacturer of QuickBooks, offers a 60-day return policy for both purchases and those made from authorized resellers. So if you are not satisfied for any reason and find that the 2016 version is not the right fit for your finance needs, then you're protected with their money back guarantee. Learn more on how to start the refund process.

What is the return policy for QuickBooks Pro?

QuickBooks has one of the most generous return policies in the software industry. You have 60 days request for a refund, regardless if you purchased Pro 2016 directly from them at or from one of their authorized resellers (like Best Buy or Amazon). All returns are processed from the Intuit factory website. If you purchased a physical product, you will not have to return any boxed or CD’s as your license will be deactivated remotely when your refund is fully processed.

Find an expired coupon code, deal or promotion?

We verify these promotions on this page for QuickBooks Pro on a daily basis, but sometimes a deal can expire before we catch it. If you happen to come across one that doesn't work or has changed, then please take a second to report it to us so that we can quickly pull it down. Thanks for your help!