Our Review of QuickBooks Premier 2014

quickbooks premier 2014 review

The all new versions of QuickBooks have been released and are fully revamped for 2014. But is it worth shelling out nearly $400.00 (or a bit less when it’s on sale) for the latest version? Well, that’s for you to decide but if your current version of QuickBooks is already a few years old, then this will be a compelling upgrade for you. Let’s take a look at what’s new in the 2014 editions.

New features found in QuickBooks Premier 2014

Although not dramatically different, current QuickBooks users will appreciate the new enhancements that help in productivity and efficiency. These include:

  • New email capabilities – Regardless if you’re using the general business version or any one of the industry-specific ones (i.e. Contractor, Manufacturing & Wholesale, Nonprofit, Professional Services, or Retail), you now have the ability to send customized email reports to your clients. Not only can you customize your email templates to your/their business (with all the specific job/client information) but can easily drag and drop multiple attachments in the message. All prior email conversations are tracked as well and can be easily referred to just in case.
  • Improved bank feeds for tracking banking transactions – It used to be that when tax time would roll around, that you would need to login to each back and account separately to pull in all the transactions. Well, in the 2014 version the feed automatically pull in all of the transactions and categorizes them for you.
  • All new Income Tracker – There’s nothing worse than spending time trying to track down which clients have paid you and which ones haven’t. Well now you can see income-producing transactions in a single spot, including a quick view of all those that have overdue balances with you. Then just select which payment reminders to print out to send out again.
  • Other improvements – Intuit has also added some other small improvements that just make the little things easier. This includes one-click capabilities in viewing key reports, a new option for tracking bounced or returned checks, and some other day to day enhancements.

How much will QuickBooks Premier cost me?

Pricing depends on the number of users that you need. But regardless of the version that you choose, all versions are now on sale if you order directly from the QuickBooks Store at Intuit.com. Here are the available packages:

QuickBooks Premier 2014 Pricing

QuickBooks has also introduced Premier Plus editions. These editions are on a subscription basis (either monthly or annual) and include 24-hour support, automatic online backup of your files, mobile access to your data with their customized app, and free upgrades to the latest version of Premier as long as your subscription is valid. If you upgrade your QuickBooks versions every year, then not only do you get more features with the Plus versions, but it will also cost you less. Here are the available pricing packages for Premier Plus 2014:

QuickBooks Premier Plus 2014 Pricing

I’m new to QuickBooks. Is there a free trial available?

If you’re new to QuickBooks and you’re looking to try it out for the first time, then you have a few options. You can try out QuickBooks online for free for 30 days. Although it differs from Premier, you’ll be able to test out many of the same or similar features. Another option is to just buy the version that you’re interested in and make your decision if it’s worth keeping within 60 days of your purchase. Because of Intuit’s extended return policy, you’ll be able to request for refund if you don’t like it. Best of all, it doesn’t matter if you purchased it from them directly or someone else, as long as it’s an authorized QuickBooks reseller then you are covered by the same money back guarantee.

Questions or Comments?

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