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QuickBooks Online Essentials vs. Plus vs. Pro 2015 – What’s the Difference?

It seems like lots of software programs are going to the “cloud” these days. While not as dramatically as we’ve seen recently with Adobe (that all of their most popular tools are exclusively on a subscription basis with announcement that there will be no perpetual CS7 release), Intuit too has begun offering online versions of QuickBooks. We personally like the Online versions and use Online Essentials ourselves as it brings greater flexibility for us on the go, but it may or may not be the best choice for your business. The below tables break out the differences between Online Essentials and Plus versions (the two best selling plans) and how they compare to the traditional boxed version of QuickBooks Pro 2015.

Quickbooks Online vs Pro

Quickbooks Online Essentials vs Plus vs. Pro.fw

In terms of price, QuickBooks Pro comes out to the cheapest option if you break it out per month for twelve months (under $21.00/month compared to $26.95/month for Online Essentials).  However, it’s only cheaper if you have one user and don’t need to any product support. The online version include free product support, free upgrades through the life of your subscription, and the ability to have multiple users of the software (up to 3 for Online Essentials and 5 for Plus, with the ability to add more seats if needed).

The key difference however is that all online versions are web-based and require a constant internet connection to work.  While this is great if you work from multiple machines and devices (like your iPad), it’s not so good it you work in the field and don’t always have a fast connection. The only risk is that if your PC ever crashes or gets lost, all your data will be lost if you aren’t backed-up.  As the Online versions are web-based, your data will still be there regardless from which computer you login from.

Either way you decide to go, you’re covered by a 60 day money-back guarantee from Intuit if change your mind or decide to go with a different version or accounting solution.

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    Thank you this was very helpful. Why is this so hard for intuit to post on their web page.

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