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Our Most Popular Deal!

  • Get $200 off
    Directly at Intuit.com
  • Premier 2019 Pro 2019
  • The new QuickBooks 2019 versions are here, but that doesn’t mean that you need to pay full price to buy the latest versions or upgrade your current copy. You’ll be able save $200 on the Premier subscription, $120 on the Premier Desktop version, $100 on Pro Plus, or $80.00 on the Pro version with our instant coupon. When ordering the Premier version, you’ll have the option to select any of the industry-specific versions at the time of installation (Contractor, Non-proft, Professional Services, Retail, etc.). No code needed to apply the discount, just follow the link above to apply the coupon.
  • This offer expires on April 15, 2019.

An official Intuit Software Reseller

  • Now on Sale!
    QuickBooks 2019 now on sale at Amazon.
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  • The entire QuickBooks 2019 product line is on sale at Amazon. Because they are an authorized distributor of Intuit’s software, you’re covered by the same support and 60-day money-back guarantee as if you were to purchase from Intuit directly. Just keep in mind that Amazon is one of those stores that changes their price daily so be sure to check them out for today’s sale price.
  • Sale prices will vary and can change without notice.

QuickBooks Online Editions

  • $10/mo
    Monthly QuickBooks Subscription Offer
  • Get this Deal
  • If you’ve been using QuickBooks Desktop for a long time, then before you upgrade, you might want to consider taking a look at the online version of QuickBooks. While there are pluses and minuses of both versions, the online version has the benefit of keeping your data secure and accessible from wherever you are and from whatever internet-connected computer that you’re using. So if you ever lose your laptop or it crashes, then your data is safe. Need to update your books on the go from your iPad? No problem! Online subscriptions start at $10 per month (that’s 50% off right now for the first 3 months of service) and you’ll always have the latest version as long as your subscription is valid.
  • See Intuit.com for offer details.

Qualifies for the Low Price Guarantee

  • Price Match
    Available at Staples and others.
  • Get this Deal
  • If you like to buy your software locally it doesn’t mean that you always need to pay a premium. Stores link Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, Best Buy, and many others have a low price guarantee policy that you can take advantage of. So if you see Amazon or any of the other lot online resellers having a great deal on QuickBooks, print out a page and show it to your local store sales manager and they should be able to match it as long as they carry the identical item. Of course certain restrictions will apply so be sure to see their posted price-match policy for details.
  • get the low price guarantee

QuickBooks Free Trials

  • Try it Free
    Download the trial at Intuit.com
  • Download it
  • If you’re new to QuickBooks and have never used it before, then you can try it out for free. Not all of the versions have a free trial available – You can choose from Online Simple Start, Online Essentials, Online Plus, QuickBooks Mac, and Enterprise Solutions. None of the free trials will require a credit card but they will ask for your email address, name and basic business information.
  • free trial available

The QuickBooks-TurboTax Bundle

  • Bundle Deal
    Self Employed Tax Bundle.
  • Learn More
  • If you are self-employed, typically use TurboTax for your taxes and QuickBooks for your bookkeeping, then be sure to check out the QuickBooks-TurboTax bundle deal. For $14.99/month (currently 20% off for the first twelve months of service), you’ll get the Self-Employed version of QuickBooks Online and be able to use TurboTax Home and Business to file your return. Because both products are integrated, you’ll be able to file faster by exporting your Schedule C from QuickBooks to TurboTax. Plus you’ll be able to easily pay your quarterly estimated taxes online. This is a great deal considering that TurboTax Home and Business typically runs for $99.00 or more (depending on the version you choose and state you’re filing in).
  • This is an ongoing offer.

Intuit's 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Guaranteed!
    You have 60-days for all QuickBooks returns.
  • Learn More
  • We are happy to report that all 2019 QuickBooks Desktop and Online purchases are covered under Intuit’s generous 60-day return policy. If you buy any flavor or version of the software either from them or an authorized dealer (i.e. Amazon, Staples, etc.) and decide it’s not right for you, for ANY reason, then simply request for a full refund at intuit.com. As always in life, certain limitations may apply so be sure to see their official site for all the nitty-gritty details.
  • quickbooks money back guarantee

Break even analysis.

Besides all the questions we get here about this deal or that deal, we get a lot of people asking which version of QuickBooks makes the most financial sense. Of course the answer depends on the version you’re getting, online requirements, number of users that will be using the software, and the add on features needed. While there’s no golden rule, let’s take a look specifically at the break-even of QuickBooks desktop vs. online using the discounts that are currently in place.

  • QuickBooks Pro vs. Online Essentials – You can pick up a copy of Pro 2019 on sale at Intuit for $199.95 after $100.00 off. Online Essentials costs you $18.86 for the first 6 months, then it jumps up to $26.95 thereafter. Your break even occurs sometime in month 10 so really, even if you upgrade your desktop version every year, you’ll pay less than going with the online subscription version.
  • QuickBooks Premier vs. Online Plus – You can buy Premier 2018 at a $200.00 savings which drops the price down from $499.95 to just $299.95. QuickBooks Online Plus will run you $23.97 for the first 6 months and $39.95 thereafter. So your break-even occurs sometime near the end of the 10th month (the same as the example above). Again, even though your upfront cost is more with the desktop version, you’ll pay much less in the long run with the desktop version.

So when does it make sense to choose the Desktop version over the Online subscription?

If you just need to create invoices, track sales and expenses, manage your company’s accounts payable, and have easy tax and sales reporting, then the desktop version should be more that enough for you. It’s when the extra features come into play that the online versions become a more compelling offering. Here’s a look at the things you get in the online version that you don’t get in the traditional boxes:

quickbooks online vs desktop 2019


If any of these extra features are required in your business, then it’ll make more sense to get with the online versions even if it’s at an extra cost.

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