QuickBooks 2016: How many computers can I install it on?

quickbooks 2016 how many computers

If you’ve just purchased or are thinking of purchasing any of the 2016 versions of QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Mac, then keep in mind that there is a limit on how many computers you can install the software on. Per Intuit’s user agreement, you can install your copy of QB on up to two computers per user license (aka “seat”). Intuit lets you do this so you can backup your data on second computer or work on your file from home and your office. However, if you do end up installing it on two computers it must be for the same user. That’s because you will not be able to work on the same company file on two different computers simultaneously. If there are multiple users that need access to QuickBooks then you will need to buy a seat for each user that needs to access the file.

How do you buy another license for QuickBooks 2016 Desktop?

If you end up needing an an extra license for your copy for QB Desktop, then you have several options. If you haven’t yet bought or upgraded to QuickBooks 2016, then you can select up to five licenses at checkout when ordering directly from the official QuickBooks Store intuit.com. May of Intuit’s resellers, like Amazon, have 3-user and 5-user packs available. If you need more than five licenses, then you can call Intuit’s sales line at 1-877-683-3280 and they will be able to help you order the number of seats that you need.

If you already own one or more licenses of QuickBooks 2016 (Pro, Premier or Mac) and need to add an extra seat then it’s best to first review your existing purchase documentation to see what you already have. You can look it up using your Business phone number on file or by logging into your QB account from the License Support page. Once you know how many new licenses you need, open your copy of QuickBooks and choose the “Help > Manage My License > Buy Additional License Online” to add more seats.

What about QuickBooks Online?

If you are currently on one of the QuickBooks Online subscription plans then the number of users that can access your company file will depend on the plan that you’re currently on. Here’s a look at the limits per each type of plan:

  • QuickBooks Online Simple Start subscriptions include 1 user and up to 2 accountant users.
  • QuickBooks Online Essentials subscriptions include 3 users and up to 2 accountant users.
  • QuickBooks Online Plus subscriptions include 5 users and up to 2 accountant users.

If you need more than five users, then QuickBooks Online Plus can let you add more seats for up to 25 users simultaneously. And because it gets cheaper as you add more users, having from 11 to 25 users will only cost you $84.95 per month versus $39.95 per month for the standard QB Online Plus plan that let you have up to 5 users.


If you’re stuck and don’t know how to upgrade or add users to your QuickBooks plan, then let us know in the comments below and we’ll do our best to help.

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