Kaspersky 2016 Release Date and Beta News

kaspersky 2016 release date

Updated May 28th, 2015: Summer is quickly approaching us again and that means that all of the major computer security software companies will be releasing their updates for 2016. While Kaspersky used to release their new products around the same time as Norton and McAfee did (in September), for the last few years Kaspersky has pushed up their release dates to July. You can expect to see the same release date time frame this year as well. And if you’re interested in testing the beta version, it’s already available for free download at kaspersky.com.

All new Kaspersky 2016 antivirus and internet security versions, are expected to be released in July, 2015.

Will the upgrade to Kaspersky 2016 be free?

As with most computer security software, as long as your subscription is current you will be able to upgrade to the 2016 version of Kaspersky for free. However unlike other brands, like Webroot for example, the upgrades are not automatically installed for you. Instead, you’ll have to open up your Kaspersky dashboard and follow the “arrow” icon (located at the bottom righthand side) and then the “upgrade” link. No uninstalling and reinstalling of the software is necessary.

kaspersky free upgrade 2016 - example 1

kaspersky free upgrade 2016 - example 2

The things we would like to see improved in this release.

Overall, Kaspersky provides pretty good antivirus and internet security protection and is definitely ranked among the other leaders in the industry. But of course, it’s not perfect. Here are some if the improvements that we would like to see in the 2016 versions of Kaspersky Antivirus, Internet Security and Pure:

  • Installation process – Something changed in the backend at Kaspersky in 2015 and for some reason a lot of customers were having a hard time installing the software, especially for existing customers moving from the 2014 version o the 2015 version. The typical error would say that the new license was not valid with the fix being an adjustment to the settings and how your computer was allowing access to the software. And as a result, customer service lines were flooded with customers who just couldn’t get it to work. We hope that Kaspersky takes a look at their installation process and improves the setup flow.
  • CPU Usage – When comparing Kaspersky to other similar programs, it seems that in most cases it uses more of your computer’s resources to operate. And if you have a modest system, then you may see it affecting your performance and speed. We hope that the 2016 versions will be better optimized and the code more streamlined to run a bit lighter.
  • Mandatory software registration – In the 2015 release, Kaspersky made product registration mandatory. For that try to skip it, the software will keep popping up a box every 20 minutes of so asking you to register the software. And in all reality, they don’t need this information for any other reason than for email marketing. We hope that in the future release that anyone that doesn’t want to provide Kaspersky personal info will not be required to in order to use the product.

What would you like to see changed in Kaspersky 2016?

If you’re a current user of any one of Kaspersky’s PC or Mac security software then let us know what you would like to see changed and improved in the next released.

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    when will the kaspersky 2016 antivirus be released?
    i want to use it

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    Md. Jahid

    When i can buy a kaspersky internet security -2016?

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