How to use Receipt Capture in the Quicken 2015 App

 How to use Receipt Capture in the Quicken 2014 App

Written by Eric Owen, September 26th, 2014: How often do you feel like Jane in this photo? I think all of us have that box or drawer of receipts cluttering our office desks or some corner waiting to be organized (which probably won’t happen until we get a bit closer to tax time). I personally hate going through this mountain of receipts as it not only takes forever to categorize my company expenses vs. personal ones, but also I often forgot what some of these expenses were and have to dig back into my calendar to figure out what I was doing on that particular day. Well, finally there’s an easier way to manage this mess with the new Snap and Store feature found in the free Quicken mobile app that accompanies the latest 2015 Quicken software.

What is Quicken Snap and Store?

Snap and Store lets you take a photo of your receipt (or anything else for that matter that needs to be documented with a transaction) from your mobile phone or tablet and assigns a line item to that transaction in your accounting records within the Quicken software. Because you take the photo within the accompanying Quicken app (which is free for anyone that owns any 2015 version of Quicken software), all that data that you collect will automatically be loaded into Quicken the next time you sync your device with the software. If you still want to keep your physical receipts for auditing purposes then you can but you no longer need to hunt through a box of receipts when searching for any one in particular as its right there within Quicken at a moments notice.

How do I use Snap and Store?

The Snap and Store feature is pretty easy to use but just remember that it’s only available to those running the 2014 or 2015 versions of Quicken Deluxe, Premier, and Home & Business. If you are on a 2013 version or older, then this feature is not available to you.

Here is how you use Snap and Store:

  • Step 1: Install the free Quicken App from iTunes, Google Play or the Amazon App Store depending on the type of tablet or smart phone that you currently own.
  • Step 2: Open the app and snap a photo of the receipt that you would like to save. If it looks ok and came out clear, then confirm the image and save.
  • Step 3: Enter the retailer/store information along with the order amount. Once you click “OK”, then the image will be beamed up into your Quicken Cloud account.
  • Step 4: The next time you fire up your laptop and sync up your Quicken software, all of the transactions and receipt images that you took with your mobile device will be downloaded and recorded in your desktop software. It’s as easy as that!

Tip: If for example you view the receipt image later on your home computer and it’s not exactly how you wanted it to be, then just click on the replace button, take a new photo and upload the new image of the receipt within that transaction.

Other things to remember

Because your Quicken desktop data syncs with your mobile device and vice versa, you can easily make changes to your budget while on the go with your iPhone, supported Android device or tablet. You also have all of your latest account information, including recent transactions and current budgets so you always know where you stand financially wherever you are. Visit the full product page on the website to learn more about the Quicken Mobile and Tablet App.

See the Quicken Mobile App in Action:

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    I’m getting a ton o receipts emailed to me. Can I upload these automatically into Quicken?

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