How to Reach TurboTax Customer Support for 2017

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Updated December 30th, 2016: So you’re halfway through your tax return when suddenly you hit a road block and you’re stuck – Who’s going to answer your burning questions? If you’re using a traditional local tax filing service, then you just pick up the phone and call your tax guy or gal and it’s as easy as that (of course they will charge you for it). But just because you’re saving your hard earned money by completing on your own tax return this year, it doesn’t mean that you are all along in the process. Let’s take a look at the options available to you for contacting TurboTax’s customer support help line.

Option #1: Contact TurboTax Customer Support by Phone

This is the most popular option, and as such, usually has the longest wait time, especially as we get closer to April 15th. An average wait time on the phone is about 30 minutes, but you can expect to be on hold for well over an hour in the days leading up to April 15th. Here’s the best way to call TurboTax by Phone:

  • Step 1: Dial 1-888-777-3066 (toll free) in the hours of 5:00am and 9:00pm PST. They are open 7-days/week.
  • Step 2: Press “3” to speak to a customer support representative. Option 1 are for potential clients who need more product information or have a question about their existing order status. Option 2 is for those having login issues, can’t find their tax return, or are unable to install the desktop software.
  • Step 3: Press “2” when prompted and you will be put on hold until the next available agent is available. Just remember that if you are on hold and it gets after 9:00pm, then you will need to call in again the next day.

Option #2: Use the Live Chat feature to talk to a Customer Service Rep.

TurboTax Live Chat is actually my favorite method – Not only do I have a written record of my conversation with the agent, the wait time is usually much less than waiting on hold on the phone (usually around 25 minutes or so). Just like the phone option, the chat line is open from 7-days a week from 5:00am – 9:00pm PST.

Option #3: Community Help.

We are big fans of the TurboTax’s community support forum. That’s because probably 99% of the questions you’ll ever have about TurboTax were already answered at one time or another though out the years. You can browse the existing answers or ask a question yourself. The help pages are moderated by both TurboTax employees and folks just like you who have been in the same tax situations. We noticed that most questions are answered within hours, often with a few people chiming in with different perspectives.

Option #4 – Send an Email to the TurboTax Support Team.

If you’re not having luck getting your questions answered using any of the above contact methods, then you should try sending TurboTax an email. It’s been reported that is the best email address to use. However, Intuit seems to change their customer support emails often so just let us know if you did not receive a response using this address.

Option #5 – Support through Social Media.

Over the last few years, TurboTax has pumped up their support via social media – Primarily through Facebook and Twitter. With the character length limits in Twitter, we usually turn to Facebook to ask our questions. You can expect your Wall posts or replies to existing post to be addressed by a TurboTax employee within a few hours of posting. And if they can’t help over the board, they often will contact you directly or direct you were to call to get support.

You can also find other ways of of contacting TurboTax through their main support page.

How was your experience contact the TurboTax Support Team?

Were you able to get the service and help that you expected or were you majorly disappointed? Let us know your experiences with TurboTax Help in the comments section below.

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