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Our Most Popular Deal!

  • Get 25% off
    On all new BitDefender 2015 versions.
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  • Save 25% on your purchase of any of the new 2015 versions of BitDefender computer security software when you use discount coupon code All4One-2015-COM at checkout. Choose form any of the 2015 editions and configurations. Plus, you’ll save more per-year if you buy two years upfront vs. just the one (a good option if you’re planning on keeping your current PC for at least another year). Sales taxes and shipping charges may be extra depending on your location. This code is reported to work regardless of the country you are purchasing from but we just don’t know the exact expiration date.
  • Offer expiration is unknown.

Official BitDefender Store Offer

  • Multi-Year Deal
    Save when ordering several years of protection.
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  • If you know that you will need antivirus and internet security protection for the next two or three years, then be sure to pick up the protection that you need upfront as it will save you up to 50% off vs. buying it separately down the road. BitDefender lets you buy up to three years and up to three licenses and will automatically add a volume discount to your order when you do so. The more years you get and the more licenses that you buy, the more you save (up to 50% off!).
  • Savings vary depending on the number of years/licenses chosen at checkout.

Current customers get the renewal discount

  • Renewal Deal
    Loyalty discount from BitDefender.
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  • If you’re already using BitDefender to keep your PC protected and your existing license is about to expire or has just expired, then there is a special deal for you. BitDefender has discounted subscription rates for existing customers as a way of saying “thanks” for being loyal to their programs. Just visit the renewal/upgrade portal on and enter your customer info to see what pricing you may qualify for. Most visitors have reported an average savings of around 30% and even deeper discounts when purchases more than one license or multiple years of protection upfront.
  • Must own a qualifying BitDefender product.

Get the Low Price Guarantee

  • Local Offer
    On sale at Best Buy.
  • Get this Deal
  • You can also pick up a copy of Bitdefender 2015 software at your local computer electronics store (or order online with store pickup). You will notice that unless it’s Black Friday or other larger shopping holiday, chances are that most versions will be listed at retail price. This is there the price match guarantee comes in. Most retailers like Staples, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and store like it have written low-price guarantees. So if you come to them armed with a lower sale price from one of their competitors (even if it’s at Amazon), then they will often honor that sale price and give you an instant markdown on the spot. Of course the devil is in the details so each store will have their own restrictions and may not match to every store that you bring to them or price. Often there is a limit of one price match per product, per customer.
  • get the low price guarantee

Download & Try BitDefender for Free

  • Free Trial
    Try the new BitDefender 2015 free.
  • Download it
  • There are a ton of different computer security software programs out there to choose from these days. But you don’t have to make that decision in the dark. If you have not yet had a chance to try Bitdefender Antivirus, Internet Security or one of their other programs then you can download and try it for free. You’ll have 30 days to play with the program, clean up your computer if it’s already infected with a virus, and have full spyware/virus protection. No credit card is needed so if you decide not to keep it after the trial period then you can simply uninstall it. If you decide to purchase the license there is no need to re-install the software – Just enter your activation key in the box provided from wherever you end up purchasing the program.
  • free trial available

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VIDEO: How to use a BitDefender Discount Coupon Code for 2015, Length: 3:23

The new BitDefender 2015 versions are on their way!

We are expecting to see the new 2015 versions for of BitDefender’s antivirus and internet security suites released soon. Come see our full list of expected new features, wish list, and rumored release date. For those looking to download and test the beta, we’ll let you know where to find it.

What about the student discount?

If you are looking for special lower student pricing on Bitdefender software than we have some bad news to report. The company no longer offers any academic discounts through their official store or through any of their resellers that we could find. We’ve also contacted several of the top university’s here in California and none offer student licenses in their bookstores. If this offer ever comes back we’ll be sure to post an updated here on Software Voucher. At this point, your only other option is to go with a competitor. If you don’t necessarily require Bitdefender then you can consider Norton or McAfee which have up to a 50% savings for students and teachers (proof of enrollment is required).

Free Scaning Tools

If you think your computer is already infected with a virus and don’t currently have any up-to-date antivirus protection on your machine, then you can take advantage of Bitdefender’s free online virus scan. In less than 60 seconds they can scan your PC to detect any active malware. Because the scan is browser based using cloud scanning technology, there is no software to download or buy. Just keep in mind that only active viruses in your PC’s memory or currently present in your system files will be detected. This is not a comprehensive hard drive scan and is not intended to replace a legitimate antivirus program.

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