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  • Avast Antivirus Pro 2015 (coming soon!)

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  • Avast just gave us this end-of-season deal as they sell off the remaining 2014 versions to make room for the upcoming 2015 editions (expected to be released in mid-October): Use the above instant coupon link to help you save 20% on your single license order. So instead of paying $39.99, you pay only $34.99 with this offer. Just follow the above link and you’l be taken directly to the checkout page with the discount automatically applied. So why is no coupon code needed? Well, this discount is only available to visitors of Software Voucher who follow the official discount link (this helps prevent other sites from spreading the offer).
  • This offer is set to expire on April 15, 2019.

Multi-year/license Discount Available

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    Multi-year & multi-licence options.
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  • If you know that you’ll be needing antivirus protection for more than one year or own a few computers at home, then you have to consider the multiyear discounts offered from Avast. The more years or more licenses that you buy upfront, then lower the cost per license. The most popular option is the 3 pc license for two years for $104.99. So that comes out to be $17.50 per license per year (that’s 56% off the list price if you would buy just a single 12-month license). Several options are available – Simple select the one that you need in the checkout cart to see the bundle price.
  • Discounts based on your selection.

Try Avast 2014 for Free

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  • If you are still shopping around for the best antivirus program and you are not sure what to choose, then we feel your pain. There are so many different antivirus programs out there on the market today that choosing the best one is a bit daunting. Well, it’s hard for us to tell you what to choose as all of the top brands are pretty good nowadays, bit what we can do is direct to you the free trial download. If you haven’t yet tried Avast Antivirus Pro 2014 then you can just select the trial download and have a full 30 days to test it out for yourself. Not only will your computer be protected from any online threats but you will also be able to fully scan your hard drive to make sure you don’t have any known viruses already on your system.
  • free trial available

I heard that Avast offers free antivirus software – Is this true?

Yes! Avast has a completely free version of antivirus software available. And this is not a “free for a limited time”, it’s really free. But just keep in mind that it’s a very basic version and you don’t have the same level of protection as you do with the Professional version. Below is a chart that breaks down the main differences of all of the best selling versions.

antivirus pro vs free

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Is there a renewal discount available?

Yes! Avast is currently offering $20.00 off the annual subscription of if you upgrade to Internet Security or $10.00 off if you’re renewing your subscription of Antivirus. Funny as both options come out to be $29.99 so you’re best option is to upgrade to get the more powerful version. As with all upgrades and/or renewals, you will be required to show verification that you qualify for the upgrade price. This is usually done by verifying your existing product key/serial number. Not all customers will qualify so be sure to see avast.com for full offer details and related terms/conditions.