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  • Autodesk has made finding promotions a whole lot easier (and easier on us as well!). Be sure to see their official coupon codes and deals page for the most up-to-date offers available directly at the Autodesk Store at Because all of the current deals are updated there on a daily basis, we no longer post them here on Software Voucher (frankly, why do twice as much work when we don’t have to!). Just follow the above link to see what’s available now.
  • Current deals live through April 15, 2019.

An official Autodesk reseller partner

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  • As an official releaser Autodesk software, you can often find the lowest sale prices at Amazon. Save up to 30% on best sellers like AutoCAD LT 2015, SketchBook Pro, and AutoSketch. Most titles will qualify for free shipping but you can also skip the shipping altogether and elect the download versions to download your software immediately after checkout. We’ve included the link to the Autodesk section of the store that has details on all of the current promotions now live. Just keep in mind that prices change fast at Amazon so if the deal is good, grab it!
  • See store for details and today’s sale prices.

Upgrade Discount Available

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    when upgrading your existing license.
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  • Just like most software companies, Autodesk gives special upgrade pricing to existing customers on previous versions to entice you to upgrade to the 2015 version. As long as you have a qualifying older version you can get this deal (you’ll be able to check if you qualify once you begin checking out – Usually they will need verify with your existing serial number). Resellers don’t carry upgrades so you’ll need get it directly at
  • Available to existing, qualifying customers.

Students! Get Autodesk free!

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    Students can get a free license.
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  • You’ve probably seen the various student discounts offers by software companies (at times up to 80% off the retail price) to help students get hooked on their software. But Autodesk takes it a step further; as long as you can prove the eligibility requirements, you can receive up to a 3-year license on some of their best selling titles absolutely free. That’s right, you pay nothing at all if you qualify. Best of all, it’s not only open to higher education students attending a college or university, but high school and primary school students can often qualify as well (hint, hint, got any kids at home?). See the full details on Autodesk’s education program to learn more about the qualifications required.
  • Open to pre-qualified students only.

Free Trial Version

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  • Don’t you hate being stuck with something when you realize that it’s not what you were expecting after paying for it? Well, most other software companies, you can download and try any of the 2015 versions of their products for free for up to 30 days. Head on over to the download center to access the latest trial files. Just remember that you can only try each program once per computer as they won’t let you extend the trial time or allow you to reactivate the trial version after you install it. After the trial time is completed, you can either buy the software or uninstall the trial version from you’re machine once it stops working.
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It’s pretty unusually for a software company to have 100% satisfaction guarantee when they also have free trials available. The rational is that if you have the chance to try the software, there shouldn’t be a reason for you to return it after you buy it. While that’s often the case, the most popular reason for returns after such a short time is that you’ve found a better deal elsewhere. If you buy directly from and then find a better offer from one of their resellers, then you’ll be able to return your initial order if you decide to go through the hassle of returning and repurchasing it. Returns are also popular if a new version was just released after you bought the outgoing one. Whatever the reason, you’re covered by a 30-day money back guarantee from the Autodesk Store.