1. OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 9 Release Date News & Rumors

    Updated May 19th, 2015 – We’ve just begun our countdown to Perfect Photo Suite 10!  Check out the latest news, release date information, rumors and features on our wish list. Updated September 2nd, 2014 – OnOne Software has just announced Perfect Photo Suite 9.0 and has scheduled the release in...
  2. Kaspersky 2015 Release Date Rumors & Product Launch News

    Updated July 8th, 2014 – All of the new Kaspersky 2015 versions have just been released, including new editions of Antivirus and Internet Security. You can learn more about the new features and download the free upgrade or trial at Kaspersky.com. For the years that we’ve been following their software...
  3. Here is the Photoshop CS6 Extended Trial Download Link

    Updated February 25th, 2015: Ever since Adobe introduced CC and announced that there will not be a CS7 release, they have made it extremely difficult to figure out how to buy Photoshop CS6 from Adobe.com, let alone how to find any of the CS6 trial links. Well, fortunately you can...
  4. Adobe CS7 Release Date Rumors & News

    Updated August 10th, 2015: For those waiting and wanting to upgrade to Adobe CS7, we have some bad news for you… Adobe has announced that the entire Creative Suite line is being retired, with the last one being CS6.  They have transitioned all future product updates and upgrades of Photoshop,...
  5. Norton 2015 Release Date Rumors & Product News

    Updated September 23rd, 2014 – The all new Norton Security has just been released and it’s all new for 2015!  This replaces Norton Antivirus, Internet Security, and 360 among a few other versions which are all being retired. It retails for $79.99 for the one-year license and $159.99 for the...

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